Mother. Daughter. Dolls.

American Girl booksOh, you know you are in deep with American Girl when you have so much to say about dolls that you need a blog to get it all out.

We’re a mother and daughter – both of us have other blogs – but we need a forum to share all the ways American Girl has woven itself into our lives.  Crafts, creative writing, book reviews and occasional fawning over doll clothes may occur!

A little about my history with AG.   When my daughter was little, I always quickly recycled the catalogs when they came in the mail.  I thought the prices were outrageous and I didn’t get the allure at all.  By the time my daughter was in 1st grade we were spending a lot of time on the couch reading the historical dolls’ fiction, and Addy and Josefina were working their way into our hearts.

About a year later a family member offered to sell us a pre-Mattel Josefina, new in box.  Once I saw her up close, I understood what American Girl was all about.  Josie was so beautiful, and the face details really set her apart from the average doll at Target.  I would have never guessed that after the first doll there would be more!

We look forward to introducing you to all of our dolls in the weeks to come.


4 thoughts on “Mother. Daughter. Dolls.

  1. ADayLateADollShort

    Ha ha, I used to hide the catalogs too! I love how you said “you know you are in deep when you have so much to say about dolls…” Looking forward to reading more!



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