Josefina Profile

Josefina Pre MattelHello! Welcome to our post! It’s Brianna here with a post about my*** Josefina! So get some hot cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows on this freezing night, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Name: Josefina Montoya

Nickname: Josie

Age: 9

Birthday: March 19th, 2005

Description: Black hair, brown eyes, and tan skin

Personality: Hopeful, Faithful, and Caring.

Interests: crafting, healing friends and family, soccer, nature, sailing and, music [she plays the violin.]

Favorite food: Chile and Tomato Soup or Breakfast Tacos

Least favorite food: Beans!!! From kidney to black eyed, every kind she hates them!

Dream Job: To be a curandera [a healer.]

Favorite color: Gold

Favorite animal: Sheep

Thank you for reading. I will be posting the other girls’ profiles in the coming days! Keep reading!

American Girl Fan,


*** – I bolded the “my” at the beginning of the post, for you to know that these are the likes of “my” doll she doesn’t like all the same things that are in the Josefina Books.

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