Meet Addy!


Our Generation Jacket, Skirt, and Belt. American Girl t-shirt and Addy’s shell necklace

My daughter would like us to introduce our dolls in the order in which they joined our family, so it’s time to meet Addy.  Addy is my doll.  After my daughter got Josefina I wanted to get in on the fun, too!  My wonderful mother gave me Addy for my 40-something birthday.

It may seem (to some) to be a bit odd to get a doll at such an advanced age, but you know, life is short!  There aren’t many purchases out that there really call my name.  So, I said yes to Addy and I’m so happy I did!

Addy is as likely to be a modern girl at our house as she is the historical Addy.  She is very adaptable that way!  No matter what, she usually wears her shell necklace her momma gave her.

Addy Sleep

Addy and Ida Bean. Bed handmade by Grandma for my daughter. It’s nicer than my own bed!

Likes:  Cherry pie, freshly braided hair, Camp Doll Diaries, making God’s Eyes at camp

Areas of concern:  Does not get along with Saige.  Occasionally gets big hair.

Addy Must Haves:  Historical Addy nightgown and Ida Bean (which my mom got on eBay).

Personality:  Enjoys the other girls, but is also content to sit on my dresser.

Fears:  Small children messing up her hair, and worries that she might have to share my dresser top with Julie some day.

noexif_IMG_5498_privateThat’s my girl Addy! Bye for now!





4 thoughts on “Meet Addy!

  1. ADayLateADollShort

    Your Addy is beautiful. That’s too cute that she doesn’t’ get along with Saige. We also have a Saige…I have no idea how they get along!


    1. Jen @ Dolls Between Us Post author

      I think the conflict is that Addy is my #1 and only doll, and Saige is my daughter’s “alpha doll”… And therein the problem lies! Must be like a blended family with two girls of the same age 😉
      Thanks for coming by!



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