Crafty with ‘A Girl for All Time’

Amelia, Victorian Period

We were excited to find a bookmark craft on the Living a Doll’s Life website courtesy of A Girl for All Time.  The dolls are English girls from the same family spanning four historical periods.  We were so excited to hear about them that we ordered the first book ‘Matilda’s Secret’ from the UK from a book reseller.  We hope it will arrive this week!

We printed the bookmarks out, and then fancied them up with scrapbook paper and ribbons.  We placed additional stickers and cut-out images on the back side of the bookmarks.


Matilda, Tudor Period



Clementine and Matilda

Then after a frenzy of bookmark-crafting, we packed them into envelopes and sent them off to some of the girls in our life, ages 4 to 93!

All the Girls




5 thoughts on “Crafty with ‘A Girl for All Time’

    1. Jen @ Dolls Between Us Post author

      I think so, too. ‘Matilda’ is working her magic on me; Brianna likes ‘Amelia.’ We hope to go to England next summer if we can save enough money. Until then, these dolls could introduce us to English history.



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