We’ve Come Out of Hibernation… Let’s Shop!

This winter we were pounded with cold, then snow.  Repeat.

It was amazing this weekend to get out to a few shops just for fun.  We found many neat items for dolls, and doll-lovers!

Michaels SpoonsThese spoons, and forks below, were at Michaels in the party section with gift bags and paper plates.  Something for dolls who require elegant table settings!  They are 3-4″ in length.  Possibly a tad big, but our dolls can make that work!


We saw these tiny canvases at Michaels as well.  They are 2×2 and would be perfect for a Camp Doll Diaries activity!

noexif_IMG_5506_privateI picked up these blank canvas shoulder bags so that our dolls can have a customized carrying bag this summer for Camp Doll Diaries.  The bags are about 5 inches wide.  We plan to use fabric paint or markers on them.  These were in the section with wedding favor supplies at Michaels.


We happened to be in Lands’ End clothing store and Brianna saw a shirt right away that reminded her of the Julie Peace Petals shirt for girls, and next to it I saw a top that reminded me of the Addy Periwinkle Plaid top for girls:

noexif_IMG_5508_private noexif_IMG_5509_privateWhat do you think about the girls’ clothing items?  Do you see a resemblance as well?



2 thoughts on “We’ve Come Out of Hibernation… Let’s Shop!

  1. Flo

    Great finds! I agree that both of those clothing pieces look very much like AG clothes. I LOVE Lands End, I wish we had an outlet store closer. I enjoyed shopping at the one in Madison when we were there.



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