Molly Deluxe Note Cards

MollyHello everyone! It’s Brianna here, and today I have a post on a gift I got from my fantastic aunt and my two cousins who came to visit from Alabama. They gave me Molly Deluxe Note Cards; this is an item released by Pleasant Company, so this item is quite rare. Read on to find out more about this amazing item!

Pleasant Company Hallmark

The package [which is about 10 inches by 13 1/2 inches] contains 6 note cards, 6 envelopes, 6 gold seal stickers, and 1 portfolio. I was telling my mom that I might not even use the note cards,I would just admire them. Molly Notecard Hallmark Molly AG

There are 2 designs, 3 per design. One of the designs is Molly in her meet outfit and the other is Molly in her raincoat and holding an umbrella. The gold seals are gold stickers that say The American Girls Collection on it. Molly Hallmark

It has a small space to write in.

It has a small space to write in.

I adore this item so much! There are also Kit Deluxe Note Cards. Well, anyway I hope you enjoyed this post. Keep your eyes peeled for more posts coming later!

– Brianna

9 thoughts on “Molly Deluxe Note Cards

  1. sunny315

    Great review, Brianna! 🙂
    I really wish I remembered when AG sold stuff at Hallmark. From what I’ve heard, the products sounded like they were really cool.
    These note cards are super cute, I would have loved the Kit ones too.


  2. Rebecca

    Do you know anything about Felicity cards like this ? I had some as a child (sometime around 2004-2006 ish ) I’m Australian and they were sent by an overseas relative or brought back by relatives from a holiday and were my first introduction to the characters. They were die cut and printed with felicity with her floral dress on the front and white on the back and could somewhat stand up when you opened the back and front of the skirt to write the message. No idea what the envelopes were like and vague memories of gold seal embossed stickers but could be wrong. They opened just like these ones though and were also cut outs. I’m not sure if there was another outfit or not as it’s been years and I have one left found when moving house but none of the rest of the set remains.



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