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Darling Doll Blog Award

Hello everyone! It’s Brianna, and today I have some great news! I was nominated by the amazing Sunny from Everything Fun In The Sun, for the Darling Doll Blog Award. Thanks so much Sunny! She asked me a few questions, so here are the answers.

Dogs or Cats?

CATS!!! I love, love, love cats. I used to own a tabby cat, who was so adorable. I want a Maine Coon Cat really really really bad.

If you could bring back one retired AG, outfit what would it be?

This is a hard one. Maybe Julie’s Calico Dress.

Are you an organized person or messy?

I hate to admit it but I am kind of a messy person once and awhile organized but not often. My room is the messy place mostly.

If you had to eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Avocado Sushi! I could eat endless boxes of it!

What is your favorite AG movie?

Saige Paints The Sky or Chrissa Stands Strong.

Thanks again Sunny!

– Brianna


Sur La Table – Baking With Grace

Grace Waits For Class to Start

Grace Waits For Class to Start

Hello! It’s Brianna here with a post on an activity that Sur La Table and American Girl put together. This activity was called Baking with Grace.  I went to this class with 5 of my friends.

We got a few items when we got to Sur La Table. The items were:

  1. An AG Flyer
  2. An Eiffel Tower Cookie Cutter
  3. An AG Apron for Girls
  4. Nametag
  5. Packet on how to make some French desserts

All in all, this activity was pretty great. We made 3 mini eclairs, 1 mini apple tart, and 3 Eiffel Tower cookies each. My favorite thing we made were the mini eclairs, probably because they were most delicious item. Next, I will tell you how we made each item.

More Dolls Wait to Bake

More Dolls Wait to Bake

For the eclairs they had some eclair dough all baked for us; all we had to do was decoration and filling. They handed out frosting bags with vanilla frosting. We squeezed some vanilla frosting on to only one half of the eclair dough, then we folded the other half on top. After that we dipped the top part of the bun in chocolate! Those eclairs were delectable!

The apple tart was the hardest for me personally. We rolled up a square of puff pastry dough they gave us. Then we put the dough in a pan. We then put some tart apples in the middle of the puff pastry dough and spread the apples around. We let them bake for awhile while we made the other French Treats. After they were finished baking we brushed some apricot jam on top! It was pretty good!

The finally treat was Eiffel Tower Sugar Cookies. They had the cookies made for us but we had to decorate them. There were 5 different colors of frosting white, blue, green, yellow, and pink. We also had sprinkles. I made one cookie green and yellow, another blue and pink, and blue, pink, and white. One of my friends ate so much frosting! Her teeth were all the colors of frosting [it was creepy.] These sugar cookies were the harder kind of sugar cookies, while I kind of like the soft sugar cookies better. Everyone has there own opinion though.

The Results!

The Results!

This class was a really cool idea. Congrats to Sur La Table and American Girl! Great program!

– Brianna

Apple Pie With Cheese Crust – 1934

Most people go to Florida for Spring Break; Brianna and I went back to Kit’s time — 1934!
We had an opportunity to make a unique apple pie from a Betty Crocker recipe book commemorating their first 15 years. The recipe came to us from Kathleen Ernst, author of the ‘Caroline’ American Girl books, many AG mysteries, and the series of Chloe Ellefson mysteries for grown-ups. If you love history, you must follow Kathleen’s blog! Brianna and I have met Kathleen and have been “groupies” for years 😉
Here’s the story of the recipe:

Sites and Stories

Welcome to Cooking With Chloe!

I love collecting historic and/or ethnic recipes while working on each Chloe Ellefson mystery. Since Tradition of Deceit features the flour mill that gave us Gold Medal Flour and Betty Crocker—not to mention the Mill City Museum, which also celebrates the history of Pillsbury and other mills—I ended up with stacks of recipes.  Fortunately, some adventurous readers volunteered to test some for me.

The mother-daughter team of Jen and Brianna wondered if I might have a recipe that would connect both the Chloe Ellefson mysteries and an American Girl character. Well, in 1936, Gold Medal Flour celebrated Betty Crocker’s 15th anniversary with a special booklet featuring a single prize recipe for each year, 1921-1936.

Betty Crocker's 15 Prize Recipes

Jen and Brianna agreed to try the 1934 star recipe, Apple Pie With Cheese Crust, in honor of Kit, AG’s Depression-era character.

The verdict:  It turned out to be the…

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TBT – Josefina

Josefina HornoToday’s Throwback Thursday topic over at Doll Diaries is Josefina.  Here we have Josie tending her horno is the hot New Mexico sun (except it was 46 degrees out!).  The horno was a wonderful hand-me-down from my former boss.  She is standing on her retired Rio Grande blanket, which I believe Grandma purchased at the AG outlet a year or two ago.

Josefina is wearing her ‘summer outfit’ which is still sold.  Would you believe our Josefina received this dress as a gift from me to Brianna & Josefina when we were all in Santa Fe?  True!  That is a long tale to be told once school is out.

If you have a Josefina TBT, feel free to link below!

Happy Birthday Addy!

Birthday Girl!

Birthday Girl!

In Addy’s American Girl story, she does not know her birthday because she is born into slavery.  Addy chooses her own birthday – April 9.  Addy is 160 today!

When Brianna and I went to the American Girl Outlet last week, I was curious as to whether I would bump into the perfect gift for Addy.

noexif_IMG_5738_privateNormally I am quite analytical with my purchases.  I broke the rules for Addy’s 160th birthday!

Addy Julie

This is Julie’s Summer Skirt Set, which is not retired, nor was it really discounted at the outlet store.  I just knew this is the outfit Addy needed!  Maybe it’s the 1970s kid in me, but I couldn’t pass up the knock-off Dr Scholl’s sandals!  Mine were blue too.

Addy Dr Scholls

And the detail on the blouse is wonderful – the stitching has a variety of colors of thread.  I would have been all over that in the 1970s.

Julie Summer Shirt

It comes with a braided band that Julie wears over her forehead.  That reminds me too much of Greg Brady, so Addy is wearing it as a traditional headband.

Julie Headband

I will say the skirt is a tad tight.  No one else has had a chance to try it on, so I don’t know if Addy had too much cake or perhaps the skirt was returned.  No matter, I am thrilled with the outfit.  Happy birthday Addy . . . may American Girl grant you many more to come!



American Girl Outlet, Oshkosh

We paid an Easter visit to Great-Grandma today; she lives not far from the American Girl Outlet store in Oshkosh.

Wilmot OutletUsually my opinion of the Outlet store is ho-hum.  Today they had some really unique items and fairly good prices.  I wondered whether this is a run-up to the Wilmot sale in June.

noexif_IMG_5716_privateRebecca’s school set, $14.00.


Caroline’s ice skates… very neat!

noexif_IMG_5713_privateJulie’s roller skates, $20.00.  I remember these from my childhood!

noexif_IMG_5731_privateBrianna had a gift card and picked up the Pet Hiking Set, $7.00!

noexif_IMG_5730_privatenoexif_IMG_5734_privateAnd she also found Rembrandt, Saige’s dog!  He was also $ 7.00.  Saige is still top doll around here, so it is neat for her to have Saige’s dog.

Saige RembrantI picked up Julie’s original Meet book for $1.00.  Hard-cover historical books were $3.00.  I was tempted by Addy’s new Meet outfit (without shoes) for 17.00, but something else called Addy’s name.  You’ll have to wait until her birthday on Thursday to find out what it was!

We also saw:

  • Kit’s school lunch box
  • Kit’s desk ($100)
  • Julie’s calico dress ($20.00)
  • Julie’s grill, $7.00
  • Kaya’s dog & teepee
  • Rebecca’s meet outfit and the play outfit
  • Julie’s accessories
  • Ivy’s meet outfit ($10.00)
  • One of Caroline’s cow, Garnet
  • A springtime background play scene, $7.00
  • Saige’s tunic outfit $10.00

That’s the scoop from here!