American Girl Outlet, Oshkosh

We paid an Easter visit to Great-Grandma today; she lives not far from the American Girl Outlet store in Oshkosh.

Wilmot OutletUsually my opinion of the Outlet store is ho-hum.  Today they had some really unique items and fairly good prices.  I wondered whether this is a run-up to the Wilmot sale in June.

noexif_IMG_5716_privateRebecca’s school set, $14.00.


Caroline’s ice skates… very neat!

noexif_IMG_5713_privateJulie’s roller skates, $20.00.  I remember these from my childhood!

noexif_IMG_5731_privateBrianna had a gift card and picked up the Pet Hiking Set, $7.00!

noexif_IMG_5730_privatenoexif_IMG_5734_privateAnd she also found Rembrandt, Saige’s dog!  He was also $ 7.00.  Saige is still top doll around here, so it is neat for her to have Saige’s dog.

Saige RembrantI picked up Julie’s original Meet book for $1.00.  Hard-cover historical books were $3.00.  I was tempted by Addy’s new Meet outfit (without shoes) for 17.00, but something else called Addy’s name.  You’ll have to wait until her birthday on Thursday to find out what it was!

We also saw:

  • Kit’s school lunch box
  • Kit’s desk ($100)
  • Julie’s calico dress ($20.00)
  • Julie’s grill, $7.00
  • Kaya’s dog & teepee
  • Rebecca’s meet outfit and the play outfit
  • Julie’s accessories
  • Ivy’s meet outfit ($10.00)
  • One of Caroline’s cow, Garnet
  • A springtime background play scene, $7.00
  • Saige’s tunic outfit $10.00

That’s the scoop from here!



9 thoughts on “American Girl Outlet, Oshkosh

  1. ADayLateADollShort

    Looks like a great trip! I’m still kicking myself for not buying Rembrandt when he was on cyber Monday.


    1. Jen @ Dolls Between Us Post author

      It seems like there is a lot of Saige’s stuff still out there. We also saw the picnic set (the one with the tortilla chips). In addition, they had Saige’s cowboy hat and riding hat – I believe 10.00 or less for both. I have a feeling there will be a lot of Rembrandt’s on Ebay. That table had a limit of how many could be purchased per day. Mark my words!


  2. Flo

    Good finds! Interesting though, especially Saige’s outfit since it’s now turned up in some of the stores as the PWP! I would have killed to have gotten Julie’s grill for $7, perhaps now would be a good time to start scouring Ebay for it.


    1. Jen @ Dolls Between Us Post author

      If memory serves, it was just the grill. No food or the basket as it is referenced in the AG wiki. In a similar fashion, the Addy BF Meet outfit was just the dress with no bonnet or shoes. It does make you wonder where and when the other bits are going to show up!
      I have to say, I could have spent an hour or more there. Brianna needed the ladies’ room, and Grandma was trying to get us to the senior living home in time for lunch. I need to concentrate, people! There was a definite Ebay contingent there. I spot them because they aren’t ooh and ahhing.
      I’ll touch base with you before we go up the next time. We should be there 2-3 times this summer for family events.


      1. Flo

        All I really want is the hibachi, so that would be great, I would so appreciate that! I’ll have to think if there is anything else I’ve been looking for that might be showing up in the outlets, I can’t think of anything off the top of my head though.

        I’m curious–is this outlet open all of the time, or just some of the time, and is it strictly just AG or other Mattel items as well?


      2. Jen @ Dolls Between Us Post author

        The outlet is open every day. It’s in one of those outdoor outlet malls that has a Nike store, Justice, Hanes etc. Only American Girl (and Bitty) items. Is your husband interested in planes? It’s across from the Experimental Aircraft (EAA) Museum.


  3. Flo

    He isn’t, that’s more my kind of thing LOL! Maybe once things settle down with his job and we have a better understanding of what is going on with meetings and such, we might try and combine a long weekend with when he has a meeting in Detroit, it’s only about 8 hours from there. They meet there once a quarter, but still working all the bugs out. We have been west of there, I used to have a friend in Adams, so we’ve been to Baraboo, The Dells, Spring Green, Madison–all over that area.


  4. Jennifer

    I really want the new doll Lea Clark so that I can add her to my collection! Grace really wants to meet Lea Clark girl of the year so that she can be friends with her! I have seven dolls in my collection including Julie Albright that I got for Christmas from my good friend Lydia Reese Galambos from the Lymphatic Malfunction Family on Facebook! I love dolls because I always take good care of my girls every single day and night by dressing them!


    1. Jen Post author

      I’m glad to hear you take such good care of your dolls. Julie is one of my most favorite dolls. Maryellen belongs to my daughter but the doll spends most of her time with me 😃



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