Apple Pie With Cheese Crust – 1934

Most people go to Florida for Spring Break; Brianna and I went back to Kit’s time — 1934!
We had an opportunity to make a unique apple pie from a Betty Crocker recipe book commemorating their first 15 years. The recipe came to us from Kathleen Ernst, author of the ‘Caroline’ American Girl books, many AG mysteries, and the series of Chloe Ellefson mysteries for grown-ups. If you love history, you must follow Kathleen’s blog! Brianna and I have met Kathleen and have been “groupies” for years 😉
Here’s the story of the recipe:

Welcome to Cooking With Chloe!

I love collecting historic and/or ethnic recipes while working on each Chloe Ellefson mystery. Since Tradition of Deceit features the flour mill that gave us Gold Medal Flour and Betty Crocker—not to mention the Mill City Museum, which also celebrates the history of Pillsbury and other mills—I ended up with stacks of recipes.  Fortunately, some adventurous readers volunteered to test some for me.

The mother-daughter team of Jen and Brianna wondered if I might have a recipe that would connect both the Chloe Ellefson mysteries and an American Girl character. Well, in 1936, Gold Medal Flour celebrated Betty Crocker’s 15th anniversary with a special booklet featuring a single prize recipe for each year, 1921-1936.

Betty Crocker's 15 Prize Recipes

Jen and Brianna agreed to try the 1934 star recipe, Apple Pie With Cheese Crust, in honor of Kit, AG’s Depression-era character.

The verdict:  It turned out to be the…

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5 thoughts on “Apple Pie With Cheese Crust – 1934

  1. Flo

    Very cool, but I admit I laughed at the broken dishwasher. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this was good though, one of my best friends always eats cheddar cheese with her apple pie, she said she’s always done it that way. Interesting! I’m going to have to send her a link to the recipe.


    1. Jen @ Dolls Between Us Post author

      She would really like it, even if she just swiped the top crust recipe which is reminiscent of Cheese Nips!
      Glad you commented because I think you would enjoy Kathleen Ernst’s fiction for grown-ups. It’s mystery genre but never gory or disturbing. Her character Chloe is living in the 1980s. My favorite one is ‘Heritage of Darkness’ which is set at Vesterheim museum in Decorah Iowa. The first book is ‘Old World Murder’
      Kathleen frequently has give-aways on her blog and FB page!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Message In A Fold

    How fun was THAT?! I so envy you. I’ve been reading some of your daughter’s posts and they are very well written. Good job Mom, I bet you are proud of her. Getting to share a few hours making a recipe from the 1930’s with your daughter. Green with envy I am. Thanks for sharing your new blog with me.



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