Sur La Table – Baking With Grace

Grace Waits For Class to Start

Grace Waits For Class to Start

Hello! It’s Brianna here with a post on an activity that Sur La Table and American Girl put together. This activity was called Baking with Grace.  I went to this class with 5 of my friends.

We got a few items when we got to Sur La Table. The items were:

  1. An AG Flyer
  2. An Eiffel Tower Cookie Cutter
  3. An AG Apron for Girls
  4. Nametag
  5. Packet on how to make some French desserts

All in all, this activity was pretty great. We made 3 mini eclairs, 1 mini apple tart, and 3 Eiffel Tower cookies each. My favorite thing we made were the mini eclairs, probably because they were most delicious item. Next, I will tell you how we made each item.

More Dolls Wait to Bake

More Dolls Wait to Bake

For the eclairs they had some eclair dough all baked for us; all we had to do was decoration and filling. They handed out frosting bags with vanilla frosting. We squeezed some vanilla frosting on to only one half of the eclair dough, then we folded the other half on top. After that we dipped the top part of the bun in chocolate! Those eclairs were delectable!

The apple tart was the hardest for me personally. We rolled up a square of puff pastry dough they gave us. Then we put the dough in a pan. We then put some tart apples in the middle of the puff pastry dough and spread the apples around. We let them bake for awhile while we made the other French Treats. After they were finished baking we brushed some apricot jam on top! It was pretty good!

The finally treat was Eiffel Tower Sugar Cookies. They had the cookies made for us but we had to decorate them. There were 5 different colors of frosting white, blue, green, yellow, and pink. We also had sprinkles. I made one cookie green and yellow, another blue and pink, and blue, pink, and white. One of my friends ate so much frosting! Her teeth were all the colors of frosting [it was creepy.] These sugar cookies were the harder kind of sugar cookies, while I kind of like the soft sugar cookies better. Everyone has there own opinion though.

The Results!

The Results!

This class was a really cool idea. Congrats to Sur La Table and American Girl! Great program!

– Brianna

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