Ruby Goes to Camp!

Ruby Camp ProfileDear Ruby Smith,

Hello! We have chosen 247 girls across America to come to our 5 star summer camp, Camp Green Willow. You have been chosen as one of these 247 girls. We hope you accept the offer. We hope to see you on June 1st at Camp Green Willow.

I screamed in excitement! I was going to Camp Green Willow! I flung the door of my room in my wheelchair and went rolling down the ramp to my kitchen. “MOM! DAD!” I yelled. “What is it Ruby, are you ok?” asked my mom. “I’M GOING TO CAMP GREEN WILLOW!” I screamed! My mom threw her arms around me. My two older twin sisters Raina and Rainy came running down the ramp. “What is all the commotion about?” asked Rainy. “We’re trying to get some sleep and its impossible with Little Miss Ruby screaming here!” said Raina in a typical 16 year old voice. “Raina don’t be mean” said Rainy in a shy tone. “Whatever Rainy………” said Raina jabbing Rainy in the side with her elbow. “Oww….” said Rainy. “Raina don’t hurt your sister” scolded  mom. Raina rolled her eyes and walked back up the ramp to her room.

“She just woke up on the wrong side of the bed” said Rainy in her sweetest tone. I smiled at Rainy–she was the nice twin while Raina was the sassy one. “Anyway what is the commotion about?” asked Rainy politely. I had almost forgotten, “I’m going to Camp Green Willow” I said brimming with excitement. Rainy opened her mouth in surprise. “YOU’RE GOING TO CAMP GREEN WILLOW I ALWAYS WANTED TO GO THERE WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE AND I STILL DO!” shouted Rainy. Raina cleared her throat from the top of the ramp. Rainy and I just walked into the living room to talk instead. “Anyway, that’s so cool your going Ruby” continued Rainy. “Ya, I’m really excited,” I responded. I decided to go to back to my room.

I started packing because the letter said Camp started June 1st. I packed away my clothes and my prized possessions like the picture of my great great great grandma Rosalie who passed through Ellis Island in 1907. All of sudden I remembered. I had to be in a wheelchair all of camp. How would I do all the activities? Would the other girls tease me? Now I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go at all. I have to be in a wheelchair because a few years back I was in a horrible accident and know I have to be in a wheelchair the rest of my life. I decided to talk to Rainy, she’d make me feel better.

I opened the creaky door to my sister’s room. “Rainy?” I asked.  “I’m not sure if I can go to Camp Green Willow because of my wheelchair, how am I going to participate in the activities? Are the other girls going to laugh at me?” I asked. “I already thought about that Ruby, come over here” motioned Rainy. I rolled over to her desk. “I’m on the Camp Green Willow website, it says that girls with disabilities can participate too,” said Rainy. “Also, do  you remember my old friend Sarah Hoffer?” asked Rainy. I nodded. “Well her older sister had a friend named Karen Collins who was in an accident similar to yours, and she went to Camp Green Willow and no one even thought of teasing her,” continued Rainy. “Does that  ease your fears?” asked Rainy. “Yes, thank you Rainy you’re the best!” I answered. “Anything for you Ruby” responded Rainy. I gave her the biggest smile I could muster and rolled out of her room and down the hall in feeling spectacular.

– By Brianna

7 thoughts on “Ruby Goes to Camp!

  1. Grandma

    There’s nothing like summer camp and this is a fine story about Ruby and her worry and excitement about going to camp. I hope we will hear more about all the fun she will have.



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