Grace Goes to Camp

Grace Paris Bag“Grace!” a far-off voice called. I opened my eyes. Sun streamed through the windows. Rainbows flashed on the walls from my Rainbow Prism hanging in the window. “Yes…” I groaned. “You got something in the mail from Camp Green Willow…” my mom said opening the door. That got me awake, I sat straight up in bed. My mom handed me the letter. I opened it, it read:

Dear Grace Thomas, 

Hello! We have chosen 247 girls across America to come to our 5 star summer camp., Camp Green Willow. You have been chosen as one of these 247 girls. We hope you accept the offer. We hope to see you June 1st at Camp Green Willow! 


Camp Green Willow Counselors

My mouth opened in shock and surprise. I put my hand over my mouth to keep from screaming. “What is it?” asked my mom. I handed her the letter. Before you knew it we were both screaming in happiness. I was going to Camp Green Willow. “It starts June 1st so get packing your bags Grace.Paris Bag Dolls Dream

Just then my brother Josh and my dad peeked in. “Whats the commotion about?” asked Josh. “Grace is going to Camp Green Willow!” shouted mom. “Whats that?” asked Josh and Dad in unison. “You don’t know what Camp Green Willow is?” I asked in surprise. “Should we know?” asked Josh. “YES!” I yelled. “Camp Green Willow is the place of every girl’s dream. Sometimes the girls stay even for the school year and then go to the school at Camp Green Willow. They still get to come home for the holidays though and spend time with their families, but still it’s a dream come true!” I said all once. “Say that again?” said Dad. I rolled my eyes.

I started packing right away. I’m super excited for camp. I really want to do all the crafts there and take every baking class they offer. After packing I filled out the registration form. They sent along a list of people going to the camp. I didn’t know anyone so when the form asked ‘Roommate Requests’ I just wrote down random names. I’m so ready for Camp Green Willow to start already! Bring on the fun!

(Grace is wearing OG Jean Jacket, Springfield Swimsuit Top, and Saige’s White Jeans.  Paris duffel bag from Etsy shop If Dolls Could Dream recommended by Say Hello to My Little Friends )

– Brianna

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