Wait a Minute Mr. Postman…

American Girl Doll SaleWe have our request for tickets to the Madison Children’s Museum American Girl doll sale all ready to be postmarked tomorrow.  Tickets are $8.00 per person for a timed entry to the sale.  All mail from around the country with a postmark of 5/26 is given tickets first (don’t forget that self addressed, stamped envelope!)

That said, we aren’t 100% sure we will go to the sale.  Ms. Maryellen Larkin has thrown a wild card into our plans.  Brianna is interested in Maryellen when she comes out in August, and three dolls in one year is just way too much, especially when none of them are for me!   A few weeks before the sale a list of dolls at the sale will be published and we will make a final decision then.

Last year’s (2014) prices:


My American Girl dolls: $55 (limit 8)
Historical dolls: $75 (limit 1)
Archived Molly & Emily: $110 (included in historical limit of 1)
2013 Girl of the Year, Saige: $110 (limit 1)
Bitty Baby with Book & Bitty Bear or Star: $50
Bitty Twin: $40/each (Limit 2 of any Bitty Baby and/or Bitty Twin combination)




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