Angelina Ballerina – Blast from the Past

Angelina Ballerina American GirlAngelina sets her ballet bag down on her way to class.  Her tutu fits perfectly, including a notch cut out for her bendable tail.  She was doing pirouettes long before Isabelle!

Why is Angelina on our doll blog?  She was sold by American Girl.

AG TagAngelina came to us many years ago courtesy of Brianna’s Aunt.  Recently we found out she was sold by American Girl when we saw her featured in a 2003 AG catalog.

Angelina is poseable, and her accessories include a tutu, ballet bag with the letter “A”, an apron and purse, and a fancy hat!  These items fit in her hatbox.

Angelina Ballerina DollMany other Angelina items were sold up until 2004, when Target acquired the line.  A full list of Angelina items sold by American Girl can be viewed here. These are great items to be on the lookout for at rummage sales and thrift stores!


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