This week I read the post about the Oshkosh American Girl outlet on Living a Doll’s Life.  I enjoyed reading about all the deals, but what really mobilized me was seeing pre-BeForever Julie on sale for $80.00.

I have wanted Julie for a long time, and when AG switched to BeForever I was really disappointed in the new outfit.   Julie’s original meet outfit reminds me of what I wore in the 1970s.  Many other parts of her story related to my own life, such as the gift of a tape recorder, making tennis racket covers (my mom made and sold them!), the apple seed necklace, and knowing lots of kids growing up whose parents were divorced.

I called the outlet on Friday, and they still had plenty of Julie dolls!

American Julie Doll

Away Brianna and I went on Saturday morning.  It’s not all that close for us, but as they say “YOLO”!

I’m just thrilled with her.

American Girl JulieI already had her original accessories from last year’s Wilmot Warehouse sale.  I have Ivy’s accessories as well.

Julie AG Doll

No regrets!

The AG outlet Julie does not have a black X on her bottom like the dolls from the Madison Children’s Museum sale do.  She is not returnable.

The shelf she was on had A LOT of room on it, so I wonder whether more dolls might show up in the months to come.  Hmmm.

Full report on other purchases to follow.  This post is all Julie!


11 thoughts on “Thrilled!

  1. Flo

    Oh yay!!! I was hoping to see a post from your trip when I came in here, so glad to see that you did manage to get her. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what else you snagged.


    1. Jen @ DollsBetweenUs Post author

      There has already been bickering and accusations around here… Where is Julie sleeping? Does she or does she not need her hair combed? I barely had the box open and Brianna’s fingers were right there!


      1. Flo

        LOL! Sounds like you needed to buy two! That will be interesting to see if they start selling dolls all the time there. I think it’s weird that Julie ended up there after that whole Jill’s Steals and Deals fiasco.


      2. Jen @ DollsBetweenUs Post author

        Now you’re talking!
        I’m still trying to make sense of the doll at the Outlet store. Mattel’s sales are down. Could it be that the large supply of pre BeForevers has them thinking that they don’t want to give them all to MCM sale as a donation? They want cash flow instead of write offs?
        With summer coming we are sure to be up there to visit Great Grandma. Will have to watch and see what they do.
        One thing I have learned is that when things are sold out they aren’t really sold out. You can be at the Wilmot sale and years later, there’s McKenna’s balance beam or Saige’s balloon.

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    1. Jen @ DollsBetweenUs Post author

      Thank you! As a grown-up who is long past the ramen noodles stage of early adulthood, I would say that not many purchases really excite me. Getting Julie, however, is really special! I still feel that way about Addy. For me, the story behind the doll is important to my attachment… Though our girls rarely stay historical all the time.


    1. Jen @ DollsBetweenUs Post author

      The clerks said a lot of grown ups at the store said Julie was for them, not their kids. I wonder if Mary Ellen might be a hit with Grandmothers who are already getting AG catalogs…. Does your mom have an opinion on the BeForever Julie line?


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    1. Jen Post author

      She did not; however, Julie’s meet accessories are occasionally at the Outlet and are probably plentiful on eBay. They did give us Julie’s book. Hope it all works out. Love Julie and no regrets on our crazy drive to get her.



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