Oshkosh Outlet – Julie Trip

I am usually very rational, but spending 3 hours in the car to drive to a store for 40 minutes to get Julie definitely falls outside my usual behavior!

Brianna and I hit the road last Saturday after I read on Living a Doll’s Life that Julie was available at the American Girl Outlet store.  See previous post for information about buying Julie.  Here are pictures of items we bought and a few thoughts on items we saw but passed on.  We tried to restrain ourselves with the Wilmot Warehouse Sale in 2 weeks.  I suspect many of these items will re-appear there.

Saige Bracelet for Girls

Saige Bracelet for Girls

Saige Bracelet GirlsSaige bracelet for girls – $ 1.00.  Clearly, they had leftover material from making the belt on the girls’ dresses!

Isabelle's MakeUp Set

Isabelle’s MakeUp Set

Isabelle’s make-up set, $16.00.  I also saw Isabelle’s dance case, Isabelle’s Metallic Dress, purple wrap skirt for dolls (and girls), and Isabelle’s meet accessories.

American Girl Charm Keeper

American Girl Charm Keeper

Charm keeper for dolls, $ 3.00

AG Quiz Books

Quiz books, $ 1.00 each (also saw Caroline’s mystery Traitor in the Shipyard for 1.00, and some of the InnerStar books that come with codes).  These are great for emergency gifts!

Saige items:  Saige’s punch frame craft, $ 1.00.  Saige’s picnic set, Saige’s riding helmet.  Also Saige notebook – .50 cents.

Doll Dining activity set, $ 3.00… this is a great price!

Josefina’s Dress and Vest, Josefina’s fiesta dress – both around $ 15.00.

Addy’s nightgown – I believe it was around $ 11.00.  I had so hoped to find this at the Wilmot sale last year, but I eventually caved and bought it full price.  Alas!  It’s a gorgeous piece that reminds me of Little Women.  They also had Addy’s nightgown for girls.

Kit’s barrettes – $ 9.00 (tempting!!)


AGP New York Sparkle T for girls and AGP LA T for dolls, $ 1.00 and .50, respectively.

They had the MYAG Hiking Outfit II — I believe it was around $15-16.00.  Also the MYAG Cycling outfit.

American Girl of Today Flute Set with Stand, $24.00

MYAG Snowshoe set, $ 5.00!!!

While the Outlet store does not ship, I have found them to be helpful if you need to call in advance to confirm availability of an item.

American Julie Doll











5 thoughts on “Oshkosh Outlet – Julie Trip

  1. Sunny

    You got Julie! 🙂 I’m so happy for you!!
    That outlet sounds amazing. Unfortunately for me, I live nowhere near it. 😦 I’m glad you and Brianna were able to make the trip, though!


    1. Jen @ DollsBetweenUs Post author

      I agree! I also think it would be awesome to have a AG tour business. Say, people get to CHI on the train, connect to Milwaukee, get picked up and go to either the Wilmot sale or the MCM doll sale, stay overnight, and then go to the Oshkosh outlet. Don’t even need to buy anything at AGP Chicago, but could go there to window shop.



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