Addy Goes to Camp

Addy was at home riding her scooter when the mailman pulled up.  He had a Priority Mail envelope from Camp Green Willow!

Addy Camp

Addy wearing Saige’s jeans and a summer tunic made by Grandma

She tore the package open before she even got to the back door.  It said she was accepted from the list of alternates to attend Camp!  She had just one week to get ready!

She sat with her mom in the kitchen and filled out her camp registration forms.

Addy Camp Doll DiariesOne thing she was really excited for was that Camp Green Willow offered opportunities to learn baking and sewing in addition to the usual outdoor activities.  Her mom told her that kids used to learn these things in school, but these subjects were cut from the curriculum.  Wouldn’t it be so neat to come home knowing how to do everything Gran did?

See you at Camp!


6 thoughts on “Addy Goes to Camp

  1. kissedawake

    Addy looks so cute in her summer outfits!! 🙂 I’m looking forward to her camp pictures! I wish more schools still did offer sewing and cooking classes. I think I remember doing each as an elective in middle school, but they didn’t last the full school year.


    1. Jen @ DollsBetweenUs Post author

      I still remember what we cooked and sewed in home ec in middle school… Yet there are college classes on my transcript I don’t even remember!
      We went to Michaels today so we are ready to get a cabin ready for camp 😃



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