Camp Green Willow Registration

Hello doll fans! It’s Brianna, and today I have a post on the dolls registering for Camp Green Willow. Enjoy!

Camp OpenIt was a beautiful morning in Arkansas and Pearl Weatherford was setting up the Camp Green Willow Registration Table in a Birchbark Cabin. Pearl checked to make sure she had extra registration forms for dolls who forgot to bring their forms. She taped up the sign that said Registration Table. She placed a cute notepad out in front for the dolls to write their names on when they finished their registration. For a final touch Pearl placed her favorite toy pink porcupine out in front. Pearl looked up at the clock. It was almost time for registration. Just then Pearl heard the door creak open, it was the first camper!

Pearl is a Vintage Horsman 'Poor Pitiful Pearl' Doll

Pearl is a Vintage Horsman ‘Poor Pitiful Pearl’ Doll

“Hello” greeted Pearl. “Hi, I’m Saige Copeland!” responded the camper. “Nice to meet you Saige, I’m Pearl Weatherford. I’m a counselor here at Camp Green Willow .” Saige grinned at Pearl and walked over to the Registration Table. “May I have your registration form?” asked Pearl. “Sure” answered Saige pulling it from her bag.

Camp Doll Diaries 1Saige handed the form to Pearl, Pearl put it in a basket behind her. “Can you sign your name on the notepad?” inquired Pearl. Saige nodded and grabbed a gold pen and started writing her name. As Saige wrote her name, Pearl saw the door open again.

“Hello!” Pearl called. “Hi! I’m Julie Albright from San Fransisco, California,” responded the new camper. “Done!” exclaimed Saige suddenly. “Great, you’re all registered, your cabin is Cabin Honorable Horses,” said Pearl. “Awesome, love the name,” answered Saige.

American Girl CampAfter the first two campers left, in came two more girls. One named Ruby Smith was permanently in a wheelchair.   A dancer named Isabelle Palmer helped her wheel into the cabin.  Isabelle was a new counselor and she would be rooming with Pearl. She repeated the same process as she had with Saige and Julie, who were now settled in their beautiful cabins on Lake Verselis.

More Campers!

More Campers!

Soon Pearl had gotten all the campers registered and settled into their cabins. Pearl was exhausted and trudged off to her cabin to meet her new cabin buddy.


I hope you enjoyed the first Camp Green Willow short story! Keep your eyes open for more. Also I will be doing some posts in the future on how I made some items featured in the pictures.


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