Instead of Wilmot

We really deliberated about going to the Wilmot AG sale this year.  We couldn’t go until Saturday, and the reports on Thursday showed a lot of items that we saw at the Oshkosh Outlet weeks ago, some with higher prices.  Photos from the Friday sale date looked pretty skimpy compared to what we are used to (thanks FunWithAGFan!), so we stayed home.

We headed out rummaging this morning instead, because what we were really after was some fun together to kick off the end of the school year.

Grace came along ready to shop...

Grace came along ready to shop…


We first found pre-BeForever Mini Kit for $1.00.

Mini Kit American Girl

At that same sale we found some Fisher Price Zoo toys (.25 for a bag) to donate to Operation Christmas Child. Our church’s goal is over 1,600 boxes!!

We had heart palpitations when we saw a stack of AG boxes at one sale.  The items turned out to be display stands for AG dolls.  We passed on those.

Our other find was the desk portion of this Pottery Barn set designed for their 18″ dolls.  We’ll have to work on finding a chair!  For .25 cents, it was worth grabbing.  Leg needs a little wood glue.


Pottery Barn photo –

So, all told we spent $1.50 (except for a trip to Dunkin Donuts!), and our American Girl budget category is intact for future adventures.

– Jen


9 thoughts on “Instead of Wilmot

  1. Flo

    After I saw Amaya’s pics of her trip I wondered if you would bother going. It looked like pretty poor selection this time. I think you made the right choice, the things you found were terrific! I need to go to some yard sales, I just can’t seem to get moving early enough!


    1. Jen @ DollsBetweenUs Post author

      Thank you. We are NOT ready to think about school desks, but this item from Pottery Barn could be a butcher block table or a nightstand in the meanwhile.
      I put Kanani’s beads on Isabelle to bring a little island feeling to the Midwest! 🌴


  2. Kerri

    We went on Friday. We got there about 9:45, and were probably 150 in line. We were let in about 10:30. I haven’t been before and I took my kids which they had a blast. My son found some outfits for his Bitty Boy which he was so excited about. My daughter found some outfits too. I should of picked up more Chocolate Chip Travel Carrier ($3) and handed them out at my daughter’s birthday party as a gift bag (boy I would of been the talk of the year – oh well, I didn’t). It was fun, got some nice items for birthday presents for my friends. I’ll probably go next year,


    1. Jen @ DollsBetweenUs Post author

      Sounds like it was a great trip! I agree the pets make great presents to have on hand. I also like the Quiz books which are handy for birthday gifts for that 3rd and 4th grade age group. Glad your wait was manageable with the kids. Thanks for reporting!



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