Last week Flo from Say Hello To My Little Friends tagged us in a doll-lovers discussion in honor of World Doll Day.  The first question:

1.  List 3 favorite dolls from the ones you bought last year.

You people bought more than 3 dolls in the past year?!  You are a very bad influence.  Was this question perpetrated by American Girl ;)?  My favorite purchases are:

Julie AG Doll

Julie!  I will always remember our crazy road trip to Oshkosh just to get her at the outlet store.  Bought her, turned around and drove home so Brianna could get to a birthday party.  Brianna is loving Julie too.

Isabelle RosesIsabelle!  She is Brianna’s doll, and she has a beautiful face, easy care hair, lovely eyes.  Isabelle’s movie was a missed opportunity in my opinion, but the doll is a home run!

Birthday Girl!

Addy!  I have had her more than a year, but she is my #1 and I love her as a historical or a modern girl.

2.  List 3 dolls currently on your wishlist

Again, a very bad influence!  That said, I don’t have any plans to buy another doll for myself, but… I would have a hard time passing up Emily. Brianna is interested in some of the earlier GOTYs like Lanie, Jess, & Kanani.  You might say, “If you have no plans to buy another doll, why are you going to the Madison Children’s Museum Benefit sale?”  Um, next question please.

Beyond dolls, we’re in the market for some more pajamas, probably from Etsy sellers.  Recommendations?

3.  Tag some other bloggers!

I tag Heather from Dollightful Dolls, Jennifer at MiniMad! , Samantha at AGDollAwesome and Loren at HappyHouseofAG.

Thanks Flo for tagging us in this soul-searching, truth-telling exercise.  Brianna says any AG purchase is a “NEED” not a “WANT.”  Enabler!



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