Oshkosh American Girl Outlet – Dolls with Bangs

The outlet was pretty skimpy with the MCM sale around the corner.  They still had the Julie doll, but all other historicals were gone.  But boy, did they ever have dolls with bangs!  All $80.



Other items there that were new to me were Isabelle’s barre.


Gymnastics set.. I think this was $68.


Samantha’s Dog


And Kit and Samantha’s beds.  Samantha’s was over $100.  Kit’s were still in shipping boxes and some had comments in marker about lumpy foam.

IMG_6009We did not buy anything major, but did pick up some tidbits for blog giveaways.  Stay tuned for that!

15 thoughts on “Oshkosh American Girl Outlet – Dolls with Bangs

  1. jackylina

    That’s sad they’re trying to get rid of dolls with bangs. I’m glad they released the new bang attachment though. If it ever goes on sale I’m going to buy some.


    1. Jen Post author

      And it’s really confusing because both Grace and Mary Ellen (possibly) have those side swept bangs that are really short. I hope that isn’t the plan for ALL the bangs moving forward.

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  2. Flo

    I guess what I don’t understand is if they have that many dolls left, why don’t they just put them on their website at the reduced price? Some people may still want them that don’t have access to an outlet store. Oh yeah, here’s me thinking they might do something that would make some sense!

    Looking forward to seeing what you got. 🙂

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    1. Jen Post author

      I agree, and I keep trying to figure out what the company really thinks of the eBay market. It would seem the very limited access to the deep discounts only fuels the eBay industry rather than giving a large quantity of people access to sale prices.
      Brianna and Gma went to a rummage sale yesterday that was comprised solely of stuff being resold from the outlet. For example, pre BF Julie was 80.00 instead of 120.


      1. Flo

        As I’ve said before, instead of opening these outlet stores with considerable overhead, why don’t they just employ the same people to sell their overstocks on Ebay? It would make it fair for everyone, they could still get the prices they want and put an end to some of this ridiculous secondary market stuff that has been going on. Target and lots of other major retailers have Ebay stores, why not them? I think they would increase their profits because they wouldn’t have to pay the ridiculous rents on the additional retail space.


  3. Xyra

    There are a couple of dolls there I’d like. There are still girls out there who wear bangs and not as a hair piece. 😦

    I agree with Flo. Why not just keep them on the website on the sale page? I don’t do eBay so that part isn’t for me, but then I can’t get to the outlet either so…


    1. Jen Post author

      It is mystifying… The outlet has a seemingly endless supply of pre BF Julie, and the Madison sale has a limit of 4 Isabelles, so there must be a zillion of those out there too. Though their policies are anti-eBay, their actions seem in favor of eBay as it creates more perceived value “an investment”… Kind of thing. It kind of feels like when you are a kid and the older kids are winning at a game and you can’t quite figure out how they do it!


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