Madison American Girl Benefit Sale Part 2

Hello everyone! It’s Brianna back with a part 2 of the Madison American Girl Sale. I hope you enjoy part 2!

We took one last glance at the storm and then gathered our tickets and bags, then left. We tip toed down the hotel hallway. We took the elevator down to level 3 and went to the parking structure. We were very far under ground and we could feel the wind still. We got in the car and started to drive. The rain pounded on our car and lightning struck. I shivered slightly, I had never been a fan of big loud storms. I read the directions to Middleton one by one. Finally, we decided to pull over at 6:15 am at Panera. I got a chocolate crossitant and Jen got a French toast bagel.

We left 15 minutes later. The storm had kind of cleared up and it was only drizzling now. We arrived at the sale around 6:45. We walked for 5 and then we got in line. We talked with a teenage girl and her mom. The girl had 23 dolls! Finally the 7:00 people went into the sale! It was very exciting and everyone cheered for them. We waited for 15 minutes or so until our turn. The warehouse was small, humid, and hot. The first table was Isabelle and Saige. Saige sold out later on in the day. We believe Isabelle is still there.  The next few tables were historical dolls. They had:



Kaya who was one of the first dolls to be sold out, she was being sold in her pre BeForever outfit and BeForever outfit.  You had to ask for pre BeForever though.

Caroline who is also sold out, was wearing her beforever outfit.


Josefina who got sold out later on, was sold wearing her BeForever outfit.


Addy, who we believe Is sold out was sold in her BeForever outfit. They were also selling Addy’s BeForever meet outfit seperarely.

Samantha, we are not quite sure if she is sold out yet was wearing her BeForever outfit.


Rebecca, we aren’t sure if Rebecca is sold out but they were selling her BeForever and pre BeForever. They were selling Rebecca’s outfits separate as well. Both BeForever and pre BeForever.

Kit, was also along with Kaya, one of the first dolls to be sold out. There were a few Kit dolls in pre BeForever outfits but the rest were wearing BeForever ones.

Julie, we also aren’t sure if Julie is still in stock. They were selling Julie in her BeForever clothes, surprisingly.

Heaps of JYL $55

Heaps of JYL $55

We decided to put Kit and Caroline in our bags just to hold on to. Some clothing and other items they had that we saw were:

Molly’s accessories

Marie Grace’s outfit seperate

American Girl Star Tee’s – Seattle, San Fransico, Chicago, Minniapolis, etc.

MAG Soccer Outfit

Corgi Dog

Nellie Mini Doll

Isabelle Mini Doll

Beforever Julie Mini Doll

Saige Mini Doll

Rebecca’s Sideboard

Kirsten Mini Doll


We got the the Marie Grace Outfit and Nellie Mini Doll. As well as some items for a friend. There were tons of books there! Some books were:

Lots of the AG mysteries

InnerStar U Books

Historical Doll Book Series

Quiz Books

Chrissa Books

McKenna Books

Lanie Books

Kanani Books,

Saige Booksimage

Isabelle Books

Thanks to, Nicki




There were of course the MAG Dolls 1 – 61. The blond dolls went very fast and they are sold out of them now.  Whenever someone took a JLY the volunteers stocking that doll cheered as though you were taking  home a homeless pet!

We will discuss the craft vendors and silent auction in a separate post.

Look who followed us home














18 thoughts on “Madison American Girl Benefit Sale Part 2

    1. Jen Post author

      We hadn’t seen Nellie in a mini in a long while. I predict a flood of them on eBay this week. Many people had bags large enough to transport two kids … All full of merchandise.


  1. Flo

    Looks like you guys had a good time! Glad to hear that the bad weather passed quickly, I wondered if you guys had to stand in the rain or a storm.


    1. Jen Post author

      We got really lucky, Flo. By the time we left Panera it was done raining (though it did rain for later attendees). If it were a “let me get my umbrella” rain it could work. A “build an ark” rain would be a problem because not everyone can fit in the tent where you are lined up by time slot.
      Not to mention the logistics of leaving with hundreds and for many people THOUSANDS of dollars in dolls in rain
      The volunteers were really special ladies… Totally willing to get me a pre BF Kit instead of the current version. They also encouraged Brianna to look carefully for a doll whose ears were already pierced.
      Did not witness any rude behavior or pushing.
      Another strange item we picked up was Kirsten’s nightgown. No box, just a few in a basket for 10.00


  2. Cindi Chipping

    Looks like you both had a successful trip! My daughter ended up with 8 more dolls! She got Samantha for the one historical doll, then 7 My AG dolls. Her total is now up to 31!!!!! Looks like she will need a new shelf in her room. Got some great outfits from some of the vendors outside the sale too. I was impressed with all the cute things people made. It was a fun trip and well worth the drive from Mpls.


    1. Jen Post author

      Cindi! What a delight to hear from you. We loved your purchase update 😀
      I couldn’t help but get Kit, and Brianna Caroline. We also have JLY60 stashed away for Christmas. The clothing items were pretty minimal compared to the Wilmot sale/Oshkosh outlet. If your owner of 31 dolls is looking for anything special, we get to the outlet pretty regularly as Family lives there so let us know and we can keep a lookout.
      Ms 31-dolls might also enjoy the blogs DollightfulDolls and Say Hello to My Little Friends.
      Keep in touch. Jen


    1. Jen Post author

      We were kind of surprised to not see Cecile and Marie Grace there…but perhaps AG doesn’t want to donate them given they both are unique.
      Pleased to have Caroline as her books were written by Kathleen Ernst, a writer we have met and a blog friend of Brianna’s.


  3. Nonna @

    You were very lucky indeed to get in so early. From what posts I’ve read by others, most of the dolls they wanted were gone by the time they got there. 😦

    I’d love a pre-BF Kaya. I didn’t know they were still floating around anywhere. Sadly, no AG at all in PA.

    Thanks for sharing your day!


  4. Xyra

    Congratulations on scoring 7 AM tickets and getting to see the larger stock. Also congratulations on the new additions to your family. 🙂


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