Save the Eagles, Maybe?

noexif_IMG_6092_private“Kit, why are you still wearing 4th of July clothes!”

“Well, I am new here and I haven’t have a chance to try this outfit on…”

“Go home and change into your swim suit.  I have an idea!”

noexif_IMG_6089_private“Much better!  Kit, I want to have a car wash to raise money for the eagles that are endangered,” said Julie.

noexif_IMG_6088_private“Julie, you are not supposed to get your Dr Scholls’ wet!  I’ll go fill the bucket while you get your shoes off,” advised Kit.

noexif_IMG_6086_privateCAR WASH!  SAVE THE EAGLES!  COME GET YOUR CAR WASHED!noexif_IMG_6087_private

noexif_IMG_6091_private“Julie, we don’t even KNOW anyone with a car!  I want to save the eagles, but we might have to change our business plan.  How about a DOG WASH?”

Saige's Dog Rembrandt—-

Swimsuits are from Springfield (Michaels).  Julie’s car wash sign, bucket, and towels came from the Madison Children’s Museum Benefit sale.  More specifically, they came from a vendor who set up shop in the street outside the sale itself.  This vendor has enormous clear tubs of extra pieces to various American Girl products, all wrapped in tiny, individual American Girl bags.  Thousands of pieces.

In retrospect, I imagine that these folks do not pay a fee to be a part of the sale, and it feels like the American Girl Black Market.  Then again, the vendors must be buying them direct from American Girl or the outlet, so what else would someone do with 100 individual chile ristras for Josafina but resell them?



12 thoughts on “Save the Eagles, Maybe?

  1. Flo

    This post totally cracked me up, especially when I got to the part about the AG Black Market, ROFL! Yes, what to do with that many chiles! Now, who does Kit belong to, you or Brianna?


    1. Jen Post author

      Ah, good question. I admit, Kit is mine!
      I had no intention of getting another doll for myself and stated that to Brianna. She didn’t believe it for one second.
      I favor the historicals, and, truth be told, we had most of the ones they were selling (insert guilty face here). Plus, I am a sucker for the faux Bakelite barrette!

      We have been doing some service with our dolls, which we still need to share with blog land. Kit has a role to play in that, so there’s my alibi!


    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks! They are OG… one of the mini sets that costs about $6.00. It also had a flowered belt that gets a workout around here!


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