Fancy Friday – Addy

One of the things I love about American Girl is the historical clothing that fits within the wonderful stories.  Most of the time our dolls are running around looking like this, however.

noexif_IMG_5498_privateI thought I would bring a doll to the blog every week on Friday dressed in some historical finery.

This week Addy has a turn.  She is wearing the skirt from Cecile’s parlor outfit accompanied by the blouse from Addy’s School Outfit.


The skirt has a beautifully detailed pattern.  Addy’s school outfit comes with cream, knit stockings.

noexif_IMG_6101_privateThe ivory blouse from the school outfit is a nice match with the purple print, and the brown tones accent Addy’s eyes and complexion.

Addy Fancy FridayI think Addy looks like an 1800s school teacher in this outfit!


If you would like to join in on a future Friday feel free to link your URL in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Fancy Friday – Addy

    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks! It was fun getting the fancy clothes out. Yes, Kit and Caroline are here to stay; it was a little shocking to see how much our “family” has grown in four or five months. That doesn’t even count the Christmas doll 😁

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