Fancy Friday – Summery Julie

It’s a dynamite summer day, and Julie is making the most of a day without fog in San Francisco.noexif_IMG_6170_private

She wears her birthday dress, retired in 2015.  I believe we bought this at Wilmot about 2 years ago.  Alas, it does not have the hat or the very 70s wooden bead choker.  No problem… If it gets sunny, she just borrows Josefina’s hat!

American Girl Julie SummerWhenever Julie wears this outfit I think of this Natalie Grant cd cover!


Image from Amazon

Gunne Sax

Gunne Sax, image from chictopia This vintage dress is worth $130!

Love the pre-Beforever clothing for Julie.  To this 70s kid, it just feels more authentic to the era.  Her birthday dress is reminiscent of the “Gunne Sax” brand of dresses which were a mash-up of a Prairie and Victorian style.

Gunne Sax brand originated in… San Francisco.

A final celebration of the birthday dress…



10 thoughts on “Fancy Friday – Summery Julie

  1. Message In A Fold

    Hello Jen! I’ve finally made it out from under the rock I’ve been hiding behind. I just had to stop by your blog to see what you and your daughter have been up to. So many exciting and new things I have to catch up on. This doll is just so cute 🙂



    1. Jen Post author

      Hi Leslie! This comment somehow went into hiding and I am just seeing it now. Thanks for reading my post about Julie. My daughter suggested last summer I read the books about Julie from “your generation, Mom” and I did fall in love with her character who experiences family divorce, discrimination against girls playing sports, and saves eagles in 1975! I already had Addy (Civil War) but life’s too short, I got Julie too! No regrets!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Flo

    I picked that dress up last year from the Cyber Monday sale, I think it is so cute! The bead necklace would be pretty easy to make too.


    1. Jen Post author

      Gunne Sax prom dress here! Though by that time their style was closer to Samantha’s. I LOVED that dress. Worn with satin ballet slippers of course!



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