Maryellen Book Previews

You can now preview the first chapters of the Maryellen books on Amazon!  I won’t give away any story lines in case you are waiting for the complete books, but I will say that a number of the 50s themes that Brianna and I speculated about in ‘Waiting for Mary Ellen’ are part of her story. Some small details:

  • She goes by ‘Ellie’
  • Her aged dachshund is named Scooter
  • She has a big family, not unlike both of Brianna’s Grandmothers
  • Daytona Beach
  • I Love Lucy, TV, Cowboy shows
  • An Airstream camper

I am not sure we have room for Maryellen the doll to move in, but Scooter…. I think I already love his ‘character.’  Any guesses if we will see an Airstream from AG for ‘Ellie”?  They haven’t unloaded all of Julie’s VWs yet at the various outlet sales!

If you want to get primed for Maryellen, I want to recommend a book “Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio” which is appropriate for age 9 and up.  It should be readily available at your library and it is completely gripping for all ages!


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