Saige Stirs the Pot

Isabelle and Ruby were resting on the patio trying to stay cool.  Isabelle said, “I think this is about my third smoothie this afternoon!” Ruby replied, “It is going to be even hotter tomorrow!”


noexif_IMG_6245_privateSuddenly the screen door slammed.

noexif_IMG_6247_privateIsabelle saw Saige coming over.  What on earth was Saige up to now?


“Saige, it’s 94 degrees out!  Why are you wearing a sweater and suede boots?”

Saige said, “Back to school… do I look good?  Brianna went to Chicago and bought me this fashionable messenger bag.”

Ruby could tell that drama was about to start percolating.

Saige whipped around and showed off her new bag.

noexif_IMG_6250_privateSaige continued, “This bag is currently being shown for fall in the American Girl catalog.  I bet no one else at our school will even have one!  Wait till you see all the great supplies that came inside…”

noexif_IMG_6249_privateIsabelle interrupted her, “It’s really nice!  I am making my own school bag this year.  I like to make a one-of-a-kind statement.”  In the back of her mind, Isabelle was wondering how she would pull off making a school bag on her sewing machine.

“Well, you guys stay cool,” said Saige.  “I’m going to go work on my forms to register for school!”

To be continued….



12 thoughts on “Saige Stirs the Pot

    1. Jen Post author

      Nothing fuels a fire like a little jealousy! Brianna said that when we came home from the Madison sale Saige was sure to let the new girls know that SHE came from the store on Michigan Avenue!
      Somehow that always reminds me of Linus’ sister Sally in Peanuts. Wasn’t she always bragging about her naturally curly hair ?


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    1. Jen Post author

      The sweater is Our Generation. We have gotten a lot of use out of that outfit which I think originally had a jeans skirt with it.



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