Isabelle Sews a Bag and Mends a Fence

Isabelle had been thinking for a few days about how she could make her own truly unique bookbag.  Like a lot of creative people, these were the sort of thoughts that kept her awake at night and got her out of bed in the morning.  On a rare afternoon when Julie had basketball practice and the rest of the girls were at the pool, Isabelle started her project.

First, she had to move Tutu off the bed.  She didn’t feel too badly because Tutu was spoiled!


She enjoyed the solitude of her bedroom and got her sewing kit out.

noexif_IMG_6260_privatenoexif_IMG_6261_privateShe had some cream canvas to use up, so she cut out some basic squares and straps.  She probably had enough fabric to make a few bags, come to think of it.

noexif_IMG_6262_privateShe sewed the bags by hand.  A sewing machine would help, but she pretended she was back in the 1800s sewing beautiful garments by hand.

Isabelle sews a dance bagThey came together pretty easily!  She grabbed some of the macarons Grace had made for dessert, spread newspaper on the floor, and got to work with her fabric markers.

Jen's Mom made these from clay!!

Jen’s Mom made these from clay!!


Dance Eternally!

Dance Eternally!

Julie came bounding in and she thought the bag was the coolest!  Soon Julie was making her own gym bag.


Isabelle told Julie about Saige’s fancy messenger bag.  Saige had been a little TOO proud, but on the other hand, Isabelle hadn’t really made an attempt to share in Saige’s enthusiasm.  Julie suggested they could make a tote bag for Saige and her riding gear, so they got to work.  In a family this large, the girls knew you had to patch things up quickly!  A special bag seemed like the perfect way to smooth things over, and getting creative helped Isabelle forget about the tension over the fancy backpack.

Bags purchased at Michaels and Brianna and I used fabric markers to make personalized bags.  We had 5 bags and more than 5 girls, so hopefully some won’t mind sharing?  Brianna made Isabelle’s skirt with Grandma.  Thanks to Isabelle for reminding us about forgiveness.


18 thoughts on “Isabelle Sews a Bag and Mends a Fence

    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, Sharry. Have you seen the iron on rainbow letters at Michaels? I was tempted by those for Julie, but the scale might be a little off. For now, Julie is happy to spread her “Save the Eagles” message.


      1. Sharry A.

        I have seen some iron-on letter at Michael’s, but I don’t remember the scale. What you might wanna try is getting some dark fabric iron-on transfer paper from your local computer supply store. (you don’t have to reverse dark fabric transfer and it last longer), and Google some groovy 70s pics, (even Julie’s Save The Eagles), and print them out. My Julie has been bugging me for a Partridge Family Shopping Bag (album cover) beach bag, since I have some of the cool little tote bags. If you try this, I’d love to see how they turn out!


      2. Jen Post author

        Ah, ha! Very interesting. I must try this! I can even imagine it would be fun to look up some restaurant or food product logos (Tab, anyone? Arthur Treacher’s?) from back in the day… Thanks for the amazing tip!


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