BeForever 2016

A few blog posts ago I mentioned that the book for the Girl of the Year 2016 and the book for the new BeForever historical character appear to both be coming out on January 1. I don’t think that is a computer error on Amazon’s site.

I stopped back on my Amazon pre-order for the BF2016 book and there are more details in the listing than I remembered from last week. Publisher is listed as American Girl on January 1, 2016. The book is filed under the topics of “prejudice and racism” “1900s historical fiction” and “multicultural stories African-American.”

Can I reschedule Santa for January 2?

In other news… Has anyone received the Maryellen catalog? I really miss receiving the catalog at the same time as the doll launch.

For more on Melody Ellison, BeForever 2016, see Meeting Melody


9 thoughts on “BeForever 2016

  1. jackylina

    When I went to the store, I got a catalog. I almost don’t think they’re mailing them because whenever there is a new AG release I get a catalog almost immediately and this time I didn’t.
    You better schedule Christmas for Jan 2nd! If I’m going to want 2 dolls at once! Oh man! Maybe that’s all I’ll get for Christmas!


    1. Jen Post author

      I really thought I would have a catalog by now, too. The catalog app for iPad hadn’t been updated last time Brianna checked either.
      Hopefully the plans for BeForever will be a little more clear by the time for “making a list and checking it twice”!


  2. Flo

    The only way I got a catalog was because it came in my order, didn’t get the usual one in the mail either.

    That is interesting about the release on that other doll, I don’t understand the thinking in releasing a new BeForever and a Goty at the same time. At least you’ll have a little more time to buy the BeForever. Maybe it’s a good thing I’m out of doll space at the moment!


    1. Jen Post author

      I agree it makes no sense. I guess the book could come out before the doll, but that doesn’t make sense either. As a parent, January 1 is the time of year I least want to spend money on a “toy” – much less two of them and Maryellen so new too.


  3. Sharry A.

    I really hope the AG’s R&D department gets it right. Here’s the issue. A lot of Julie’s releases have been late 60s and all over the decade for the 70s. Her dance outfit looked like something Julie Barnes would have worn in Mod Squad, yet her roller skating outfit was late 70s, early 80s. Too much peasant, not enough polyester. They may be stuck for period pieces, or simply repeat some of Julie’s things, repainted or something, b/c they’ve backed themselves into a corner by not getting Julie right. I guess I’m kinda picky about stuff like that b/c I was born in ’66 (same as Julie) and I do remember the tail end of the 60s…Laugh-In, learning folk songs in nursery school and kindergarten, my older sister’s mini skirts and fringed purses. And since I’m black, I also remember when the afros were gettng bigger, MLK and Malcolm X, dashiki’s and beads, and Black Power! (my dad gave me one of those little bracelets w/ my name plate and a black power fist when I was 3!) So I’m really anxious to see what AG does w/ this doll.

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    1. Jen Post author

      ’69 here… And what you describe is the one reason I have been very selective with Julie’s collection.. As a 70s kid, a lot of it just doesn’t ring true for me.
      I’m envisioning the new BF doll 1964 or so… Supremes, Motown. I do wonder, though, how a kid of that time would look. If it gets too groovy, then you are running into Julie. If the clothes are too prim, it’s Maryellen’s look.
      Have you read “The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963”? Great YA novel also set in Michigan, if indeed, BF 2016 takes place there.



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