Julie’s Fall Fashion

Julie hit the clothing jackpot on my birthday last week. I received Julie’s pre-Beforever pajamas and slippers from my husband (eBay), and the ‘Mad About Plaid’ Our Generation outfit from my mom.
Our Generation Mad About PlaidMy mom purchased the outfit from Target.com, because — of course — it wasn’t in stock at the store!

Julie Our GenerationThe best part of the outfit is the faux Ugg boots and boot knee-highs.


A not-so-great part of the outfit is the shirt sleeve cuff is very hard to get over Julie’s fingers.

noexif_IMG_6308_privateMy mom made Julie a custom necklace which is similar to the necklace that came with Julie’s retired birthday dress.  It’s even better than the American Girl necklace, because my mom made it!

I recommend the outfit, but it may not be a good choice for a younger child because of difficulty getting the shirt on.  Then again, Brianna is the one that got the shirt on Julie for me!!

A final photo of Julie in front of a chest my mom painted.

noexif_IMG_6309_privateIn other news, we survived our first two weeks back at school.  The girls here are a little neglected, but Caroline and Saige are watching a movie today on the couch with Brianna.  We are off because it is Rosh Hashanha and many in our school district celebrate.  Oh, and we finally got our Maryellen catalog!

8 thoughts on “Julie’s Fall Fashion

  1. Flo

    Awesome birthday gifts! I’ve had trouble with several brands of clothing that aren’t AG and getting them over doll hands, I wonder if AG hands are bigger or the fingers are farther apart?


    1. Jen Post author

      My very unscientific assessment is that AG dolls have a pinkie that is slightly splayed away from the other fingers, whereas OG dolls have fingers that are pretty much parallel. It’s just that centimeter or two difference but it’s enough to cause a problem!


  2. Xyra

    Nice additions to your wardrobe, well, Julie’s!
    I haven’t had any issues with the Mad About Plaid outfit, but have had trouble with others. I suppose quality control isn’t what it should be for universal fit.
    Totally agree with the extended pinkie. When I look at Melody’s hand next to Haley’s (H is Madame Alexander) I can see a difference. Haley’s index and middle fingers are fused and the others separate; Melody’s middle and ring finger are fused.


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