American Girl Outlet – Restocked

We were off of school today as our district was closed for Yom Kippur.  We took advantage of the gorgeous fall weather to visit Great-Grandma (the same one for whom we did the doll presentation).  We may have stopped at the American Girl Outlet too 😉

The Outlet has been so tapped the last few months that you could barely call it a store.  Truly!  A few weeks ago I heard they got 6 truckloads of merchandise in, so our timing was really good today.

They still had the MYAG dolls with bangs for sale for $80.00 (see previous post for details on them).  The supply appears endless.

There was a large amount of BeForever clothing for girls.  Josefina’s tunic for girls, Kit’s, Caroline’s, Rebecca’s, Samantha’s outfits for girls.. all 50% off original prices.  Lots of sizes but not much in size 14.  Brianna also spotted the dress below, which is not BeForever, but was $5.00!  It is very well made with a slip underneath and tulle as well!  We have a wedding to go to and this may fit the bill.  (Pardon the crinkles!)


There was also Grace’s clothing for girls at what appeared to be regular prices (PJs, Paris shirt, beret, Love Sweater).

On the historical doll front, we said yes to Caroline’s meet accessories at $12.00 (hat, spinning top and Caroline Abbott bag).  Lots of those in either BeForever boxes or pre BF boxes.  We also picked up Julie’s necklace that accompanies her birthday dress for .25 cents.  The necklace my mom made is still a little cooler though!  Also picked up Rebecca’s shawl for 1.00.

Saw a few items for Kaya, Josefina’s green bed, Addy’s summer dress, 20.00, (which Brianna swore was not retired and it is – D’oh!), Cecile’s Meet accessories $10.00, Julie’s calico outfit, meet outfit and disco outfit.  Overall not a ton of historical items.

Saw Saige’s picnic set (still kicking around!), Isabelle’s jewelry case for girls, lots of Bitty, the MYAG parasail (29.00), birthday set, heart-shaped pizza set, Valentine’s t-shirt from last year (maybe 7.00?), lots of the “doll dining” and “doll travel” type of kits for $3.00, Puffy Coat (around 10-12.00), karate set, hiking trail accessories, and lots of Sparkle Star AG t-shirts from the various store locations for 1.00.

They had Isabelle’s sewing studio as well.  Not 100% sure on the price but between $120 – 140.00 as I recall.

All of the summer items that we all studied so carefully a few months ago were at the outlet (the  flamingo dress, the coral hoodie, etc.) but the prices weren’t amazing.

We had fun with the salesclerk, who was so enthusiastic and even dug through a few boxes for us thinking she saw the doll dress to match the fancy party dress we purchased.  Susan, you rock!  We enjoyed seeing their display doll for Maryellen (not sold there of course).  Susan gave us an impromptu lesson on caring for Caroline’s hair.

Dishes, 2.00

Dishes, 2.00

Half of the fitting rooms were filled with merchandise that was yet to be put out for sale, so overall, I think the coming weeks will be interesting at the outlet!




14 thoughts on “American Girl Outlet – Restocked

  1. Leslie Verhaeghe

    can you tell me where the outlet is? and when their next sale is?Thanks, LeslieI enjoy your blog but don’t always get to read it

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  2. jackylina

    That’s so cool! I actually have to go downtown Chicago today for work and I’m hoping I might have time to take a quick peek at the AG store. We’ll see! It looks like you guys had fun! I’m so glad you got Caroline’s accessories. I love her bonnet.


    1. Jen Post author

      For me Caroline’s bag that says ‘Caroline Abbott 1812’ sealed the deal. I just got out of work, made a cup of coffee, and I am off to enjoy your wonderful post on Samantha! I started it this morning but it needs my full attention 😃


  3. grammagump

    The dress is just beautiful and what a great deal! Brianna will look lovely in it. Or the dress will look lovely with Brianna in it! Sounds as though you had a great time on a beautiful day.


    1. Jen Post author

      It was a great day, and a number of ladies at the assisted living recognized us!! Now if only I could find such a nice wedding outfit for 5.00! ❤️


      1. Flo

        Cute! I just saw where they had the original price for the kid sized dress, yowsa!!! That makes it even better. 🙂

        LOL at the Shakira reference.


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