Addy Prepares for Fall

Addy loves her long, white nightgown.  I hoped I would find this at the Wilmot sale or outlet store, but about a year ago Addy got tired of waiting for pajamas (she was wearing a nightgown made for a baby doll!) and I paid full-price. It is a must-have item for Addy with simple, beautiful detailing.   Only one regret — no slippers.

Addy and Ida

By the time I purchased the nightgown Mattel had dropped the grey slippers and heart warmer from the nightgown.  Those winter nights in Philly with only a wood stove are going to be mighty chilly without slippers.  I turned to Etsy looking for something old-timey that could have been knit by Addy’s mama.

I found these delightful slippers in the joannekantola shop, which I chose because the scale seemed appropriate for an 18″ doll.   Addy’s original Pleasant Co slippers were charcoal grey, but we decided to go with the pretty red ones.  What girl doesn’t want ruby slippers?

Addy Slippers

Addy is very pleased with the fit!  Should the heart warmer find its way to us some day, the red slippers will compliment it.


10 thoughts on “Addy Prepares for Fall

  1. ADayLateADollShort

    I really regret not getting her heart warmer. As it would happen I’m sitting at the Philly airport right now…all the way from Arizona.


    1. Jen Post author

      I’ve never been to Addy’s town, but I do love Arizona. The desert mountains just speak to me. I also want to get to Utah some day.

      Addy’s current BeForever Jammie’s are pretty, but they aren’t that old fashioned look that takes me back to the original books.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. jackylina

    I was in the same boat as you about wanting the nightgown and the heartwarmer and slippers being gone. I ended up getting the nightgown on ebay and knitting the heartwarmer myself. Those slippers are perfect! I actually like them better than the gray ones.


    1. Jen Post author

      I like these better, too. They hold their shape nicely though they can fall off and wouldn’t be the shoe to put on a doll and they go for a day on the town. I think something homemade, be it the slippers or your heart warmer, nicely compliments the story of Addy and her mom making a life in Philadelphia.



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