Isabelle Solves the Mystery

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The next day Isabelle found Addy packing her lunch for school.

Isabelle Addy breakfast“Addy… did you hear anything weird when you were studying for your French exam a few nights ago?  I heard this strange scratching sound last night, and reading Poe wasn’t helping the situation either.”

“Wreath,” Addy said plainly.  “It scratches on the glass door when the wind blows.”

Isabelle played it cool. “Oh yeah, I forgot about that,” she said.  Inside, however, her brain was doing cartwheels of joy now that she had found someone to put her fears at ease.  She couldn’t wait another minute to see what Addy had to say about the doll in the closet.

“Oh!  Saige is finally out of the bathroom… MY TURN!” Addy called out as she dashed out of the kitchen.

So much for feeling better.

Isabelle sank into a chair to review her math for the quiz later today.  Kit and Caroline were busy playing without a care in the world.  “Oh to be a little kid again,” thought Isabelle to herself.

Kit Caroline Play Madison Doll Sale

“I get to be the doll sale lady who hands the dolls to customers!” said Kit.

“OK, I’ll be the customer, but then we have to switch,” agreed Caroline.

“Pretend you’re looking for a doll with earrings and I will go through all the boxes for you,” Kit suggested.

Isabelle looked up, “What are you two doing?”

“Playing Madison Doll sale,” Kit replied.

“That was the best day ever,” sighed Caroline.  “Getting to leave that huge warehouse, and getting a home!”

Kit agreed and added, “It was so exciting when they chose a third girl to take home, and we still haven’t met her!”

“Wait a minute,” said Isabelle, “What did you say?”

“A third girl… In the closet.  The special present?” Kit said casually.

“I…I… How long have you known?” Isabelle was dumbfounded.

Isabelle Kit Caroline“Like I said, we were there at the sale, and the new girl is for Christmas.  The clerks cheered when she got to come home with us!” Kit added, “We are saving money to get her some Christmas gifts so she has her own stuff.  You are supposed to be saving too!”

Isabelle wondered how many other things were going on around the house that she didn’t know about.

“Seriously?! Where is she going to sleep!!?” Isabelle said as she left Kit and Caroline.  Isabelle acted as though she was aggravated, but one tiny seed of joy sprouted in her heart when she thought of the perfect gift she had just seen in the new holiday catalog.  Maybe she would just hop on the AG website for a second. . .











10 thoughts on “Isabelle Solves the Mystery

    1. Jen Post author

      Yes she does, though the doll is off limits. We truly did cave at the last minute on the way out of the sale. The JLY/TM dolls are 55.00 at the sale. Even though she knows about the doll, it has been fun, I think, to contemplate who she will be.
      The ladies at the sale are volunteers, and they couldn’t be nicer.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. jackylina

    Ah! Poor Isabelle. I guess she didn’t get to go to the sale which is why she didn’t know? I can’t wait for Christmas to find out which doll it is. At least Isabelle can sleep in peace now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jen Post author

      Just because someone is younger, doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t be helpful. Hmmm… got my own “The Lion and the Mouse” tale going on!


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