American Girl Sale… Could Be Trouble!


Addy sitting in my catalog-shopping chair

Happy Thanksgiving friends!  I am grateful to have pals like you in my life that share my love for dolls.  This is hard to come by when you are long past second grade!  I’m sitting in my chair in pjs taking a walk through the big AG Holiday catalog.  That 20% off sale is pretty appealing.  I wish I could meet you for a peppermint mocha today and talk over this sale!

My thoughts …

20% off a doll puts you in the ballpark of prices at the Madison Doll Sale (historicals).  As much as I love the craziness of the Madison sale, I am glad others have an opportunity to partake of discounts.  Any dolls tempting you?  Fess up now!

I’m feeling a bit of a push to prioritize Addy items if it comes to pass that Addy retires when “Melody” arrives.  Addy is still my most special doll and she doesn’t even have her own bed!

Another area on my mind is outfitting the now infamous doll in the closet.

In other developments, have you seen the new Barbie commercial? I think Mattel did a great job with it.  A girl shows up in a big college lecture hall saying “I’m your professor today” and later it is revealed that she is pretending to be many different things through her dolls.  A+!


13 thoughts on “American Girl Sale… Could Be Trouble!

  1. jackylina

    Yeah, that 20% off is really tempting me to go to AG store this weekend. I had planned that the next time I would go would be after Jan 1st but that sale is too good to pass up and the only weekend I’m free is this Sat and Sunday. If I go, the things I will for sure get are Kit’s radio set and the TM accessories. I’m sorta kinda thinking about Maryellen but I don’t know…I REALLY don’t need another doll!! I’m also scared there will be even better sales cyber Monday and I will have already spent my money a day before. Do you have any thoughts on what cyber Monday might look like?
    I think it might be wise for you to collect Addy although it would be horribly sad if she did retire (I mean, what, AG can’t have two AA dolls out at once!?). Truthfully, though, I prefer her original PC outfits than the once they’ve come out with now.
    Every now and then I think about your mysterious doll in the closet and wonder just who she is! Can’t wait to find out!
    I have not seen the Barbie commercial but I did see a great review the Toy Box Philosopher made about a Made To Move Barbie who has joints (that are not ugly) that can move and look like a real person! She is not out in stores yet but I very much want one when she does.


    1. Jen Post author

      I wonder if they will do a free shipping on Cyber? Maybe what they do depends on the sales this weekend. Or, they could bundle something? I don’t know but I took advantage today.
      I agree about Addy’s newer items… But I don’t have her Christmas dress. While some of her BF clothes are pretty, I really like the direct connection to what was in the books. Same with Kit.
      I wonder what AGP Chicago was like today between Black Friday and the 20% off?!? Probably would make the overpriced shipping seem like a good investment.

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      1. jackylina

        You should really get Addy’s Christmas dress! It is my favorite of all of Addy’s outfits. It could also be used as a modern dress too.
        I also wonder what it was like at AGP Chicago especially since there were major protests lining the sidewalk and closing down the street all up and down MI Ave. I know at one time the protesters were trying to stop people from entering Water Tower Place! This is all because of the policeman who shot a teenager 16 times. He was charged with murder. According to what I’ve been hearing on the news lots of Mag Mile stores closed early. I’m hoping there won’t be any protesting when I go.
        You said you took advantage today…what did you buy? 🙂


      2. Jen Post author

        I took your advice on Addy’s dress 😉
        I saw pictures of the protest on CNN.. As you say, right in front of AG. The pictures were enough to tell me it would be frightening for a kid.

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      3. jackylina

        I’m so glad you got Addy’s dress! I can’t wait to see her in it. I just got back from the AGP Chicago and I did not see any protesters but there were LOTS of police; on bikes, horse and foot so I felt very safe.
        I was also a good girl and only bought what I came for, the Truly Me accessories and Kit’s radio set. The AG store was normally crowded and I got behind a little girl who was buying her first AG doll, (Grace) she was SO excited. I love going there and seeing that.

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    1. Jen Post author

      I just went and looked at Facebook. They said there will not be free shipping in addition to Cyber Monday pricing and that they will be having specials throughout the day.
      You would hope Cyber specials would be slightly different to avoid people returning and reordering.
      Lots of people on FB who had spent hundreds in the days (minutes!) prior to the sale pricing. Let me know if you want me to mail you screenshots of applicable Facebook posts.

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      1. jackylina

        Thanks for the offer but I’ll just wait and see if AG comes up with anything amazing on Monday otherwise I plan to go the AGP Chicago on Sunday and at least get Kit’s radio set.


  2. Flo

    I’m making my list and checking it twice! So dangerous…

    I love that Mattel commercial, very well done. Except they had to stick that pink in there at the end, ugh! Otherwise, I really like it.



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