Grace Jumps Into the Ring

by Grace

I’m sure you have been wondering why I haven’t been mentioned on the blog for a while.  (You were wondering, right?)  Well, I have been really busy  for the past few months taking a Junior Showman class through the AKC – American Kennel Club!  This means that I learned how to be a dog handler at a dog show.

A friend of the family is a professional dog handler and I traveled with her to Philadelphia to see the National Dog Show firsthand!  It is a really exciting and stressful time for both dogs and handlers.  The National Dog Show is a benched show, which means the dogs need to wait patiently on platforms so visitors can see the dogs firsthand when they are not competing.   It’s so hard for the dogs to not do what comes naturally!

noexif_IMG_6471_privateI was lucky that I was able to show a dog as a junior.  I had been practicing for weeks with Rembrandt, our friend’s Border Collie.  Rembrandt competed in the Herding class of dogs.  Walking in a straight line did not come naturally for my show pup – he would much prefer to round up all of the handlers and dogs and drive them right into the middle of the show ring!

Grace Dog ShowWe were quite a sight – It is super hard to not get tangled in the leash while trying to remember which side of your body the dog needs to be on after you turn.

We didn’t make the cut in the herding category, but it was so much fun.  After the competition, Rembrandt got his picture taken by a professional photographer.  He is a champion to me!

Rembrandt American Girl Dog


9 thoughts on “Grace Jumps Into the Ring

  1. jackylina

    Yes! It’s good to hear from you, Grace! I thought Kit had taken over the whole blog! (Which is fine with me because I love her too).
    That’s so cool about the dog show! I’ll try to watch it on TV, I think it airs on Christmas day? There have been times where I’ve had it on while I’m cooking last minute Christmas dishes. Maybe this year I’ll get to see you make your doggie debut! You look great with Rembrandt.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jen Post author

      Thank you! The National Dog show was on after the Macy’s parade on Thanksgiving, but there may be others on tv too. Rembrandt is happy to be a regular dog again!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sunny

    Wow, what an honor, Grace! 🙂 Even though you and Rembrandt didn’t make it all the way to the end, I’m proud of both of you for working hard and for making it that far into the competition. 😉


  3. Flo

    How fun! I used to go to a dog show near here, it is very interesting. They also have an agility demonstration where there are a lot of herding dogs. I always look forward to watching the show they have in February at Madison Square Garden in New York. Hopefully I’ll see you in that show someday!


  4. Geeky_Girl

    A cat show awesome. I will say I am a cat person. But I do like dogs. I also have Rembrandt. It was very cool to see you again Grace. Loved your dress. I have never been to a dog show. Cute post



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