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Rocket Rally: Maryellen App Review

IMG_0236Hello there everyone! It’s Brianna, and today my post is about the new Maryellen App called Rocket Rally. Enjoy!


  1. This game is very addicting and fun to play.
  2. It relates well to her time period, since in the 1950’s scientists had started to launch rockets into space from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
  3. Also, it relates well to her book because Maryellen and her friends enter a Rocket Design Contest.
  4. Who doesn’t want to design their own rocket? Well, in this app you’re able to and then launch it into space as far you can until you run out of fuel.


  1. This may just be me but it is kind of hard to control the rocket once you launch it as you can see in one of my pictures, it is going side ways.
  2. It costs 99 cents and personally I don’t think that is a fair price because the game itself is kind of missing the “epic” piece of it. You know — that piece of the game that is so rewarding and fun. For example, I think that they should set goals to reach a certain height, then once you do, you get to play a mini game or you get another color combo for your rocket.


The app is for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



A Boxing Day Ramble

By Julie

Have you heard of Boxing Day?  I read about it in one of Jen’s magazines that Grandma brought back from England.  The holiday dates back to England in the Middle Ages when it was likely a time to remember the orphaned and widowed by leaving coins in an alms box.

Today in England many people like to go out for a country walk, or ramble, on Boxing Day.

I thought it sounded like a good idea… A little time with nature after a busy Christmas, new girls…. holiday dresses everywhere.

noexif_IMG_6543 (1)_private
I slipped on my new windbreaker and my hiking pants. I got a new Christmas dress this year, but this jacket is what I feel most comfortable in.

I also received new tennis shoes and Pom Pom socks, which are the best thing ever!!  Thanks Grandma!

noexif_IMG_6544 (1)_private
It’s been a mild winter here, so I heard a lot of birds singing. I even saw a coyote being chased by a flock of crows!

I think the English tradition of walking in nature the day after Christmas is a super idea!

Julie Pleasant Co Jacket

—Shoes are from Sophia’s via Amazon. Jacket is off eBay ($4.80 shipped!) from Pleasant Company’s Hiking Outfit 1.  I admired it on Lindsey in this post on DollightfulDolls 


Meet Maryellen

Maryellen LarkinHi everyone! It’s Brianna, and for Christmas I got Maryellen Larkin the new 1950’s doll. Here is her profile. Enjoy the post!

Name: Maryellen Larkin

Nickname: Ellie

Age: 10

Birthday: May 7th, 2005

Description: Strawberry Blonde Hair, Hazel Eyes, and White Skin.


Personality: Energetic, Leader, Fun-Loving, Spunky, Clever, and In Control.

Interests: Running, Roller Skating, Swimming, and Movie Stars like Debbie Reynolds and Rosemary Clooney

Maryellen Jukebox

Rosemary Clooney is one of the best singers of 1954!

Favorite Food: Tuna Casserole, Split Pea Soup, Cole Slaw, Lime Chiffon Pie, German Cherry Cakes, Soda Pop, and Baked Alaska.

Least Favorite Food: TV Dinners, Garlic Olives, Shrimp Puffs, and Pumpernickel Squares

Dream Job: Professional Runner

Favorite Colors: Pink and Mint Green

Favorite Animal: Starfish or Lizards

Jukebox is from Lowe’s courtesy of Grandma.  It plays songs like “Louie, Louie” that are a little more rockin’ than Rosemary Clooney.  In fact, this jukebox could work for Melody too.  Maryellen was a BIG SURPRISE and she wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the 20% off sale AG ran.  – Jen



Meet Dakota

noexif_IMG_6586_privateHi everyone! Its Brianna, and for Christmas I got Just Like Me #60. I named her Dakota McCann. Dakota is Lanie’s best friend in the books of American Girl of the Year 2009, Lanie Holland. So, I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about her.


Name: Dakota McCann

Nickname: Kota

Age: 10

Birthday: February 17th

Description: Medium length blackish brown hair, blue eyes, pink braces, and white skin.


Personality: Funny, Sometimes A Bit Strange, Loving, Kind, Caring, Peaceful, Loyal, Ambitious, Smart, Successful, Sweet, and Warm – Hearted.

Interests: Cheerleading, Coding,  Rhythmic Gymnastics, Reading, Traveling, History, and Nature.

Favorite Food: Avocado Sushi or if you’re talking dessert, French Silk Pie.

Least Favorite Food: All Seafood, Tomatoes, All Meat except Bacon, and Snap Peas.

Dream Job: Software Developer or Olympic Gymnast

Favorite Colors: Azure Mist, Bluebonnet, Celeste, Cyan, Dogwood Rose, Italian Sky Blue, Mauve, Misty Rose, Persian Rose, Phlox, Robin Egg Blue, Vanilla Ice, and Wisteria  [she likes very strange and non common colors, like me.]

Favorite Animal: Western Highland Terrier Dogs, Maine Coon Cats, Dachshunds Dogs, Dandie Dinmont Terrier Dogs, and Golden Retrievers. She has Honey her own Golden Retriever.


Jen says… “Dakota” came from the Madison Children’s Museum benefit sale this summer. She was around $ 55.00.  This was an unplanned purchase but at the last minute I caved and she became a Christmas present in the making.  Dakota is the famous “doll in the closet” that so troubled Isabelle!  This is the first JLY/MYAG/Truly Me type doll to join the herd here, and I think she is pretty cool!


Madison Children’s Museum Sale 2015




Oshkosh Outlet Adventuring

Today we made a trip to visit family in Oshkosh, WI, and stopped in at the Outlet.  Now, you know we had no business even stepping in there after that 20% off Black Friday sale, but in the interest of reporting all the news that’s fit to print, stop in we did. (Did you like how I made you responsible for our shopping instead of me?)

The most interesting find was the two 2008 posters below at .50 each.

IMG_6534IMG_6535Those came home with us.  Looks like I need to go to Michaels soon for frames!

They had Caroline’s skiff, $75; City Carriage $250.  I believe they also had Caroline’s bed but I don’t have a price on that.

Dolls with bangs and dark hair $80…. MYAGs 7, 5, 45, 48, 16, 14, 2.  I am perplexed why Grace, Maryellen, and possibly Melody have bangs when it seems bangs aren’t hot sellers.  Our Julie came along for the ride today, and while we were shopping at the outlet a woman came up to Brianna with a “frantic Grandma” look in her eye asking where (in the store) she got the blond doll.  Later, the woman was talking to the clerk about AG shipping before Christmas.  Can you imagine what they would charge to overnight a doll?!?!  Desperate times!

Brianna had a gift certificate and bought the Healthy Smile set $11 and the Salon Stylist Set $20.

I chose the 2014 PWP Tee, shorts and bracelet (no shorts included) for $8.00,_Shorts,_Hat_and_Bracelet_Set

There was plenty of floor space for more merchandise.  It will be interesting to see what AG does with this lone store in light of their recent initiatives to sell via catalog at a discount.

I saw this cute ceramic Christmas village house at my Grandma’s senior living center.



Rummage Treasures – Pleasant Co Posters

I am still catching up with Rummage Treasures from this summer.  Today I want to show you some terrific Pleasant Company posters.  These are from 1998 and there is one for each of the historical characters out at the time.

noexif_IMG_6527_privateSamantha has a great scene perfect for the holiday season.

Pleasant Co Addy Postersnoexif_IMG_6526_privateI’m giving you two pictures of Addy in Philadelphia.  I love the colors in this poster!

noexif_IMG_6524_privateHere is Josefina – this poster is framed and hanging in Brianna’s room.  I think Josie looks quite sweet and a lot younger than her current image on the book covers.

Image courtesy of Amazon.

And can’t forget Molly!

Pleasant Co Molly Poster

We also have a Kirsten poster but the color palette is very pale and subtle and doesn’t photograph well.

These posters came from the same sale where we found the American Girl trading cards.  The family was happy to have someone interested in them and we took everything home for about $ 5.00.  Finding American Girl treasures is always a thrill!

Over The Hills And Through The Woods To Grandma’s House We Go Part 1

By Saige Copeland

“Guys, get all your stuff together we’re leaving in a few minutes,” called my sister Isabelle from the living room. I got my suitcase and pulled it outside in the cold snowy air. My sisters and I were going to visit our grandma in Washington D.C over the weekend.

noexif_IMG_6512_privateI was so excited to leave Marlow’s cold snowy atmosphere and head down south to 70 degree weather for a weekend. I put all of my stuff in the trunk and hopped in the car. Since there were 8 of us, we had a big van.

noexif_IMG_6516_privateIsabelle was the driver and Caroline was her guide, so they sat in the front. Behind them, Grace and I sat, behind us was Josefina and Kit, and at the rear end was Addy and Julie.

I hopped in the car. I got out my book and started to read. It took awhile since Caroline had to find away to put her “too big” suitcase in the trunk. As Caroline got in the car, I noticed she was wearing a mid-summer dress that was meant for 80 degree weather not below 32 degree weather.

noexif_IMG_6514_private I was about to say something about it but before I could, Grace elbowed me in the ribs. I sat back and sighed… it was impossible to state your opinion when “Miss No Fighting” was around. Finally, we were off and on our way to D.C.

Kit and Josefina were probably the only very enthusiastic ones about this vacation, since it gave them time to play with their dolls.

noexif_IMG_6518_privateGrace and I used our phones but we forgot to charge them before we left and they died pretty quickly. Julie and Addy get car sick very easily, and Isabelle and Caroline just drove and navigated.

noexif_IMG_6519_private It was pretty silent in the car except for the slight squeaking of the driving wheel and the murmur of Josefina and Kit’s voices as they played with their dolls.

Isabelle broke the silence by saying, “WE will be in Boston soon and we can get dinner there.” “Yay!” shouted everybody. “Caroline, can you look up The Top 10 Restaurants In Boston on Trip Advisor?” asked Isabelle. “Sure” responded Caroline. “How about Italian Express Pizzeria . . . it’s Number #2 and has great reviews.” “Sounds good to me” approved Isabelle.

“Pizza saves lives,” I said to Grace. Grace nodded in response. We pulled into the Italian Express Pizzeria parking lot. We entered the Pizzeria, it was pretty busy, so we decided to get takeout. “Oh the Eggplant Parmesan Pizza sounds good, ” commented Isabelle. “Ya, that sounds delicious,” added Caroline. The rest of us stared in awe, that sounded disgusting! Caroline and Isabelle loved eggplant but they knew the rest of us hated it. “Can we please just cheese?” asked Kit sweetly. “How about we order 4 pizzas. . . ” answered Isabelle. “Ok” responded Kit. We all murmured among ourselves. Kit and Josefina got a Small Cheese Pizza, Addy and Julie got a Small BBQ Chicken, Grace and I got a Small Hawaiian, and Isabelle and Caroline got a Small Eggplant Parmesan Pizza. We ate in the car, which all of us loved to do.

noexif_IMG_6522_privateWe finished and got back on the road. Soon we all got on our PJ’s. We all fell asleep except for Isabelle who stayed awake driving the van until midnight when she pulled us over and fell asleep herself.

noexif_IMG_6523_privateIn the morning when we woke up, we were surprised to learn that we were already in Connecticut. We got some breakfast at First & Last Bakery Cafe, then we got back on the road. As we drove along, I  got out my Doodle backpack and opened my binder which contained all of my folders and papers inside. Eighth Grade had been assigned a crazy amount of homework over the weekend. Grace decided to do her homework too.

As we drove along Caroline asked if we would like any music on. I knew instantly that was a mistake on her part because whenever we played music in the car Grace and Julie always ended up getting in a big fight because they never liked the same music. Grace liked modern and Julie liked 70’s. Back when Grace and I were in 6th Grade, we took a family road trip all the way to Arkansas. Grace and Julie started fighting over music then all of a sudden we joined sides. Grace, Kit, and I were the Modern Side and Julie, Josefina, and Addy were the 70’s side. The fight lasted the whole way there and back again. That was a quite a car trip. So, when Caroline asked we wanted music, she realized suddenly what would happen, so she stopped the fight before either Grace or Julie could say a word. Her solution was: Play music from the 19th century. Josefina and Addy liked that.. but the rest of us couldn’t stand the sound of squeaky 19th century violins.

We got lunch in Trenton, New Jersey and by then we could say we were half way through our trip. We only had 2 more states to go through Delaware and Maryland. Josefina and Kit were very excited to go through Delaware because in their 5th Grade Social Studies class they were learning about Lord De La Warr. If you look at the spelling you can see it looks pretty much like Delaware. That’s how Delaware got it’s name, after Lord De La Warr.

As we drove through Maryland I made a list of  things I wanted to do in Washington D.C:

1. National Air and Space Museum 

2. National Zoo

3. Museum of National History

4. Washington Monument 

5. National Archives

6. The Capitol

7. The Library of National Congress

8. Lincoln Memorial

9. Arlington National Cemetery

10. Vietnam Veterans Memorial

We arrived in Washington D.C at 6:30 PM. We passed the Washington Monument and The Capitol. I was so excited to go exploring in Washington D.C, tomorrow morning. We pulled up in front of my Grandma’s apartment building. We entered the lobby with our luggage. It was very fancy. We got in the huge elevator and rode up to the 5th floor. “Room 511,” said Isabelle. We stopped in front of a wood door, and rang the doorbell.

The door creaked open slowly and…..and you will have to wait for our next post to find out what happens.

Bye for now everyone! – Brianna


Tutu Makes Trouble

(Words taken from ‘Isabelle’ by Laurence Yep)

“Tutu had been such a cute little white cotton ball in the shelter, but she turned out to be a real furry handful.


Normally a kitten might wake you with loud meowing.  But Tutu preferred to hop on top of you and stroll up and down your spine.


IMG_6500When Jade or I would finally sit up, Tutu would jump off and twitch her whiskers in surprise, as if to say, Oh, was that your back?  I thought you were the hallway rug.”

IMG_6503–Brianna recommended “Isabelle” to me and I hope to bring you a few more photo stories from the book.  I always enjoy reading the background behind some of the items in the doll’s collection.  Now I know that Tutu has a naughty personality just like our former cat, who used to steal my husband’s chair when he got up, and then curl up and pretend to be asleep so no one would move him!