Stockings Hung by the Chimney with Care…

noexif_IMG_6485 (2)_private

Addy put a few finishing touches on the tree … Tonight is St. Nick’s Eve!

Addy Walker Nightgown

Josefina dug around for their stockings.  This year Addy and Josefina will hang their stockings up.  They have been here the longest.  Hopefully they have been good and no lumps of coal await them!

Josefina Adddy St Nick

Do you hang a stocking at this time of year for St. Nicholas?  This is a European custom and is very popular in our area because of our city’s German heritage.  In many parts of the United States, St. Nicks is unknown.  St. Nicholas brings small treats and gifts… No $500.00 bakery for Grace I’m afraid!  Sweet dreams girls.

6 thoughts on “Stockings Hung by the Chimney with Care…

    1. Jen Post author

      Around here stores post signs alerting people of when St. Nick’s is. I didn’t grow up with this tradition, but now we adapt to it. When in Rome….


  1. jackylina

    Aw, so sweet! I just hang stockings for decoration except I’m way behind in the decorating department. I still need to put up some more lights outside and I haven’ even started inside the house!


  2. Sharry A.

    When I was married and lived in WI, there was St. Nick’s day. Lots of the kids did stockings, while others of more traditional families put out their shoes. This was always strange to me since St. Nick and Santa are supposed to be one and the same. I still hang my stockings, but no one fills them on Christmas Eve anymore.


    1. Jen Post author

      I didn’t know that you used to live in WI! If you ever head “back East”, as they say in CA, we would have to find a place to meet up somewhere between Chicago and Pennsylvania!



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