Meet Dakota

noexif_IMG_6586_privateHi everyone! Its Brianna, and for Christmas I got Just Like Me #60. I named her Dakota McCann. Dakota is Lanie’s best friend in the books of American Girl of the Year 2009, Lanie Holland. So, I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about her.


Name: Dakota McCann

Nickname: Kota

Age: 10

Birthday: February 17th

Description: Medium length blackish brown hair, blue eyes, pink braces, and white skin.


Personality: Funny, Sometimes A Bit Strange, Loving, Kind, Caring, Peaceful, Loyal, Ambitious, Smart, Successful, Sweet, and Warm – Hearted.

Interests: Cheerleading, Coding,  Rhythmic Gymnastics, Reading, Traveling, History, and Nature.

Favorite Food: Avocado Sushi or if you’re talking dessert, French Silk Pie.

Least Favorite Food: All Seafood, Tomatoes, All Meat except Bacon, and Snap Peas.

Dream Job: Software Developer or Olympic Gymnast

Favorite Colors: Azure Mist, Bluebonnet, Celeste, Cyan, Dogwood Rose, Italian Sky Blue, Mauve, Misty Rose, Persian Rose, Phlox, Robin Egg Blue, Vanilla Ice, and Wisteria  [she likes very strange and non common colors, like me.]

Favorite Animal: Western Highland Terrier Dogs, Maine Coon Cats, Dachshunds Dogs, Dandie Dinmont Terrier Dogs, and Golden Retrievers. She has Honey her own Golden Retriever.


Jen says… “Dakota” came from the Madison Children’s Museum benefit sale this summer. She was around $ 55.00.  This was an unplanned purchase but at the last minute I caved and she became a Christmas present in the making.  Dakota is the famous “doll in the closet” that so troubled Isabelle!  This is the first JLY/MYAG/Truly Me type doll to join the herd here, and I think she is pretty cool!


Madison Children’s Museum Sale 2015




10 thoughts on “Meet Dakota

    1. Jen Post author

      Thank you! We are enjoying having a doll with a blank slate in terms of character. I think it’s great Brianna has her interested in software and coding. Girls can rock some math and engineering too. Haven’t seen this much from AG!


    1. Jen Post author

      Thank you! No regrets… Glad we grabbed her this summer even though it seemed crazy at the time.
      How wonderful that you got Grace AND Bonbon! I rarely see them together and he is so cute.


  1. grammagump

    It must be wonderful to have a “just like me” AG doll who really does look like you and whom you can characterize with your interests and values. And what fun to buy clothes for her! Enjoy every minute!


  2. jackylina

    Huh! I must have missed this post! I’m glad I read about it in the comment section of the letter from Brazil. Dakota is awesome! I’ll bet Isabelle is happy there aren’t any mystery guests sleeping in the closet anymore!



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