The Christmas Mom Lost Her Mind

The words in the title courtesy of Brianna.   I can scarcely believe it myself.



22 thoughts on “The Christmas Mom Lost Her Mind

  1. Cindi Thompson

    There were 2 dolls under our tree yesterday too! Santa brought Grace Thomas, since Maggie went to France herself this summer, she had to get Grace. And my sister found Marisol at a garage sale for $50, so she had to get that retired doll to add to Maggie’s collection.


    1. Jen Post author

      Cindi, I almost emailed you yesterday because I was curious what was under your tree. Maybe I was really just seeking some affirmation from a fellow mom that 2 dolls wasn’t completely outrageous. Kind of like asking someone with 10 cats whether it’s ok to have 8 cats!
      We have two blog posts following shortly.
      Marisol, what a great find!
      My husband bought new drill bits for shelves!!!


      1. Cindi Thompson

        That’s too funny! Now you can rest assured knowing that we had two dolls under our tree as well! I just showed Maggie your comment and she said it made her day. You can tell your daughter that Maggie achieved her goal this fall of getting holiday outfits for ALL her dolls. It took some doing to come up with the holiday gowns for Felicity and Elizabeth in particular. Also, Marie Grace’s holiday outfit was a tough one to get – there was some fierce bidding on ebay for it! But in the end, we were triumphant. Maggie really enjoyed getting her dolls all dressed up for the holidays. They looked great. Glad to hear you have your husband working on those display shelves. Hope you post a pic of them when they’re all done! Happy New Year to you both 😊.

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  2. grammagump

    What a Merry, AG Christmas for Brianna and I assume for Mom too!

    On Saturday, December 26, 2015, The Dolls Between Us wrote:

    > Jen posted: “The words in the title courtesy of Brianna. I can scarcely > believe it myself. “


    1. Jen Post author

      That was Brianna that wrote Totally! I see a number of doll fans received two dolls. I am curious to hear what effect that 20% discount had on sales. While a doll is an indulgence, when you take 20-30 percent off, you have to think about what is more fun, an outfit for dolls or the doll itself. Some of the outfits have gotten really pricey. I appreciate them as an adult, but kids… Not sure.

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      1. jackylina

        I totally agree. My kid self would want a doll every time. I had a lot of free time today and saw that AG was having an in store only sale %50 off! This included the BF LE outfits, the frosted violet LE Christmas gown, and both TM Christmas outfits. I went, hoping they might still have the violet gown and the gold Christmas dress still available but they didn’t. I did come home with Addy’s LE sewing outfit. I figured for $24 you’re getting a lot: the dress, pinafore, sewing set with scissors and measuring tape, boots and stockings.
        The store was packed with little girls (I was pleased to see the BF section was more crowded than the TM section) but there seemed to be hardly anything there. Rebecca, Addy, Kaya, and Josefina’s displays were very sparse. Lots of empty room. I’m wondering if they will get more outfits and sets come January. I hope so..


      2. Jen Post author

        I do like the LE sewing set very much. That was a great purchase. Do you plan to visit AG shortly after Lea’s release?
        Interesting about the low stock on the dark haired historicals. I wonder if they keep less stock on hand for them. From my experience with their inventory systems as a customer I don’t think they have something that says “Chicago is low on Fiesta Dresses.” When we were there this summer they couldn’t query to see whether they had the doodle backpack in the store. That seems so basic!
        A while back we were at a Toys r us in Naperville getting a Journey Girls’ outfit for my Poor Pitiful Pearl doll. A lady said “you should just buy a doll… They are only a few dollars more than an outfit!”

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      3. jackylina

        I don’t think AG runs their stores like normal stores do. I’ve heard lots of complaints about their customer service. There have been times where I’ve been tempted to buy a WalMart My life as doll just for the outfit but I’ve never done that so far.
        I do plan to go the AG store after Lea’s release. My weekends in January look to be pretty free compared to normal so I’m sure I’ll be going soon. How much do you like Lea? Will you consider getting her? Or maybe wait to see if she goes on sale like Grace?


      4. Jen Post author

        I haven’t fully taken advantage of the leaked Lea pictures… I promised Brianna I would wait so we can enjoy the excitement of the catalog together. That said, I have a general idea of what she looks like.
        Brianna would like to get her, but she has to finance this one… and I have jobs available when she is ready to earn!
        I would like to get to AGP once Lea and and Melody are available. We do have the Lea books on advance order from AMZ so looking forward to that.

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      5. jackylina

        Good for Brianna! I’m probably going to wait to purchase her until Melody comes out also and then decide which one I want to buy (I’m betting it will be Melody) and even then, I’ll probably wait for some 20% off sale. I read on some blogs that the Lea and Melody books are already for sale at bookstores!


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