A Boxing Day Ramble

By Julie

Have you heard of Boxing Day?  I read about it in one of Jen’s magazines that Grandma brought back from England.  The holiday dates back to England in the Middle Ages when it was likely a time to remember the orphaned and widowed by leaving coins in an alms box.

Today in England many people like to go out for a country walk, or ramble, on Boxing Day.

I thought it sounded like a good idea… A little time with nature after a busy Christmas, new girls…. holiday dresses everywhere.

noexif_IMG_6543 (1)_private
I slipped on my new windbreaker and my hiking pants. I got a new Christmas dress this year, but this jacket is what I feel most comfortable in.

I also received new tennis shoes and Pom Pom socks, which are the best thing ever!!  Thanks Grandma!

noexif_IMG_6544 (1)_private
It’s been a mild winter here, so I heard a lot of birds singing. I even saw a coyote being chased by a flock of crows!

I think the English tradition of walking in nature the day after Christmas is a super idea!

Julie Pleasant Co Jacket

—Shoes are from Sophia’s via Amazon. Jacket is off eBay ($4.80 shipped!) from Pleasant Company’s Hiking Outfit 1.  I admired it on Lindsey in this post on DollightfulDolls 



5 thoughts on “A Boxing Day Ramble

    1. Jen Post author

      I saw an article yesterday “Best Boxing Day Walks” which outlined paths in England connected by pubs… some of the pubs even sponsored special Boxing Day walks. I read, though, that increasingly Boxing Day is becoming like Black Friday in the US with lots of shopping.


  1. jackylina

    I thought Boxing Day was European Black Friday. It’s interesting (and I’m glad to know) that I’m wrong.
    Julie’s shoes and socks are adorable! She looks great in the windbreaker too!
    It is sleeting, snowing, and freezing rain is coming down from the sky right now (this has been going on all day) so no doll wants to go on a nature walk today! The dolls enjoyed taking a virtual walk through Julie!


    1. Jen Post author

      Apparently in the Middle Ages Dec 26 was St Stephen’s Day (a person in history who cared for the poor) .. I think I ran into this reading the excellent fiction book “Crispin and the Cross of Lead” by Avi.
      We have the snow and freezing rain here now, too. Our power went out for a couple seconds but it came back on!

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