Lea: Born for Adventure App Review


Video of Lea Actress is a part of the game

Hi everyone! It’s Brianna, and today my post is about the new Lea app, called “Lea Born for Adventure.”  It costs 1.99 at the Apple App Store. Enjoy!


  1. This game is really fun.
  2. You get to take pictures with a camera!
  3. You have your own journal.
  4. You get to watch a video every level of a girl who looks like Lea talking about the next level.
  5. You get to see Lea’s Passport.
  6. As AG stated, this game is “epic.”
  7. You get to run through Brazil collecting different items in every level.
  8. You can see some of Lea’s items that are for sale.
  9. Will probably relate well to Lea’s stories.


  1. It’s very hard and challenging for those who aren’t familiar to video games.
  2. It’s kind of frustrating when you fall off something then you have to get back up.
  3. AG should give you 5 hearts [lives] personally. IMG_0246

Though, there are some Con’s to this game it is also super duper fun. So I hope you download this awesome new app! Bye for now!

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