Meeting Melody

Our Melody American Girl book “No Ordinary Sound” arrived today… She beat Lea’s books here which Amazon hasn’t shipped yet.  Brianna and I started reading it in tandem.  We won’t spoil the book for you, but one shareable detail is that Melody’s family calls her Dee-Dee!

If your library won’t stock the book for a while and you want to get in the mood of the early 60s, I can recommend the young adult book, “The Watsons Go to Birmingham, 1963” by Christopher Paul Curtis.  He worked in an auto factory in Michigan prior to becoming a writer.  Most of his books are award-winning.

Have any readers started Melody or Lea’s books yet?  Maryellen’s?

9 thoughts on “Meeting Melody

  1. jackylina

    You keep recommending such good books for me to read and I don’t have time! I’m still trying to work on the Caroline books (actually I haven’t even started them!) and then I’d like to read the mysteries Kathleen Ernst wrote. I’ll put the Curtis book on my long list too! Dee-Dee. I like it. Since I”m still on Caroline, I obviously have yet to read Maryellen, Lea and Melody.

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    1. Jen Post author

      I credit Brianna and my work as a reading para educator for exposing me to so many good books! The books I have read in recent years (mainly for 4-5th gr and up) were more memorable than most of the books I read as an English major in college.
      Dee-Dee’s whole family is musical and I think this will appeal to you.


      1. Sunny

        That’s awesome that they’re so involved in their church! 🙂 I just read a sample of the book on the Barnes and Noble site and I love the fact that they sing about God. 🙂

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  2. Sharry

    I’m planning on ordering it from either Amazon or AG. I’ve known several Dee-Dee’s in my life (and Shante’s name was almost Deidre or Dee-Dee for short), and I already have a doll named Melody. I used to sing in the children’s choir at church when I was a kid too.

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