A Letter from Brazil!

Compassion BrazilSerendipity:  On Dec 31, the day before Lea Clark took doll fans on a year-long journey to Brazil, we got our first letter from the Brazilian child we sponsor through Compassion International!

In our life of instantaneous communication, it was so thrilling to get a letter we had been waiting for for months.  Every little detail was interesting.  Eliane drew us a picture, and we learned, again, that she likes to play with dolls (the word for doll in Portugese is boneca).  Her best friend is Maria.

Sweet Thing:  Her message to us is: “You are very important for God and for me.”

noexif_IMG_6631_privateIf you are a Compassion sponsor, I found these cute seasonal Bible Valentine’s for Kids (free printable)…. in Brazil Valentine’s Day is celebrated June 12!

Thanks for reading… we will return now to our regularly scheduled doll programming!


12 thoughts on “A Letter from Brazil!

  1. jackylina

    AAAH! This is so exciting and ultra sweet!! That’s so neat she loves dolls! Watermelon as her favorite food!? I would never think of that as my favorite food but I do love it. Cats are the best too! I wonder if she owns one. Her drawing is adorable and her message is SO SWEET! I’m so excited for you. And to get it the day before Lea Clark! Wow. Okay, how do you actually pronounce her name? Is it Ellie-anne? Keep us readers updated on anything more! I love it.

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    1. Jen Post author

      It’s EllieAHHna. I noticed various versions of this name within the Brazilian girls ready for a Compassion sponsor. Her little picture had some sweet sports where she erased and redid the same image. She says she is 5 and compassion has her listed as 7, so hopefully we can clear that up some day.
      We like cats too 😃. And dolls, just a little ….

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      1. Flo

        Figured out how I missed it–that was when I was under the weather and so was the dog (if you know what I mean!) I was busy dealing with other things and a bit on the tired side. She’s very cute though! I love her name.


      2. Jen Post author

        It’s Jen… This is the first MYAG in the clan, and she’s pretty neat! In some ways it is fun to have a doll with no story and no name. Love her easy care hair!


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