DIY American Girl Bulletin Board

Hello everyone! It’s Brianna here, with a fun American Girl Craft! Enjoy the post!

noexif_IMG_6684_privateWhat you will need:

  • Brown or black construction paper “12 by 18” inches
  • Mesh or Lace [Optional]
  • Tape
  • Removable Mounting Putty
  • Printer [Optional]
  • Access to Internet [Optional]
  • Coloring Supplies [Optional]

You take the brown or black construction paper and cut a piece of mesh or lace that is a little bit wider than the construction paper. From there you tape the mesh or lace over the brown or black construction paper. Since there is extra you can wrap the extra mesh or lace around the back of the construction paper and tape it back there so it doesn’t show.Then you can color or print some cute pictures of your doll’s family or what your doll likes to do. Then individually put mounting putty on the back of each picture and put it on the construction paper. Finally, once all of your pictures are on the construction paper, turn over the construction paper and put pieces of mounting putty on the back, so you can mount it onto the wall.

noexif_American Girl Bulletin Board_privateDakota made her own bulletin board, with pictures of her family and her favorite activities. In the picture below you can see what she put on her wall. Dakota taped a picture of Saige by the fireplace and big window in the doll’s house, a picture of Isabelle in her ballet outfit at the barre, Caroline and Caroline’s friend from Cincinnati (where the dolls use to live before they moved to Marlow, New Hampshire) whose name is Kit, and Dakota herself in the garden. Then Dakota taped a picture of cheer leading, a picture of a girl doing rhythmic gymnastics, and a ballerina silhouette.

I hoped you enjoyed today’s post. I hope you come back to Dolls Between Us, soon!


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