Meet Lanie

Hello everyone! It’s Brianna here, and today was my birthday!!!! My parents gave me Lanie, who I have been wanting forever. Here is her profile:

Name: Lanie Holland

Nickname: Lanie Bug

Age: 11

Birthday: December 11th, 2004

Description: Wavy medium length blond hair, hazel eyes, and pale skin.

Personality: Loyal, Fun – Loving, Nature Lover, Faithful, Encouraging, Kind

Interests: Nature, Biology, Traveling, Writing, and Track

Favorite Food: Deviled Eggs

Least Favorite Food: Tomatoes

Dream Job: Biologist

Favorite Color: Caribbean Green

Favorite Animal: All of Them

Thank you for reading my post on Lanie. There will be pictures of her coming soon.

PS from Jen… Kudos and a pat on the back to Brianna’s Dad who has been scoping out Lanie dolls on eBay for months.Ā  He was so brave to take the plunge.Ā  I was afraid her hair might be a mess, but she is just terrific!

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