Update: Madison American Girl Sale 2016

Lamenting that you missed out on Grace and Isabelle?  (I don’t think that applies to many of you die-hard fans… Wink wink). Both dolls will be available at the Madison Children’s Museum Benefit Sale this summer.  The sale is a lot of fun, but is best enjoyed with older kids who have stamina with crowds.  Last year, the GOTY dolls were $110.  The best deal were the MYAG/Truly Me dolls at $55.  See link above for ticket information.


6 thoughts on “Update: Madison American Girl Sale 2016

    1. Jen Post author

      It is fun, but realistically, it is more cost effective to order when they have sales like they did before Christmas. Still, if we could all be there together, that would be so fun!


  1. Flo

    I can’t believe they still have Isabelle dolls left, I wonder how much of her other stuff will also be at the sale? Their way of selling completely mystifies me, it makes no sense.

    I agree that unless you live fairly close, the sales are usually a better deal, or when they run free shipping. Distance has been the biggest deterrent for me, by the time I’d drive all that way and spent that money, it’s eaten up what I would save. Plus you don’t even know for sure if they are going to have anything you want. I usually wait until the week after and then check out some of the sellers I know from that area that are on Ebay.



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