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American Girl Names New President

Mattel recently moved its American Girl President Jean McKenzie over to the Fisher-Price line.  Meet our new leader, Katy Dickson

Thoughts?  A little concerned that she most recently has been working in coupon marketing and has many years with General Mills, which is not a “luxury” brand.  As many of us have discussed, AG seems unsure whether it is a luxury/heirloom brand or whether it is a discounted toy brand available in many settings, like Barbie or My Little Pony.

You might also find interest in the sidebar story “American Girl Cuts 19 Jobs in Middleton.”  The article does not mention the personal shopper positions that were also eliminated.


Bountiful Beds-Oshkosh Outlet

Brianna and I visited family today as is our tradition on Good Friday.  My Grandma is recovering from a hospitalization so we have been in Oshkosh more than usual lately.  Yes, we stopped at the Outlet, and it was quite interesting today!

The story of the day — bountiful beds.

Addy’s bed was $35.00… yes the same bed I got for Christmas, alas.

Josefina’s bed was similarly priced (it was the older green bed, not the current ivory one).  Kit’s bed was also there but it was more expensive.

Brianna chose the bed below, $ 45.00.


Julie’s egg chair, $ 80., and disco accessories, $20.

IMG_6906IMG_6904Bitty African American doll, $ 42.00.  Julie and Addy, still there.


The story of the day, aside from the beds, was Grace items.

Grace’s baking outfit, sightseeing outfit, LOVE (City) outfit, pajamas.  Most from 18.00 and up.

IMG_6910There were also a few of Grace’s bakery refrigerators, $10.00.  We got that!  The display alluded to other appliances having been available at one time as well.

IMG_6909Grace’s earrings, $ 8.00, Grace’s rolling pin, pastry bag, and baking sheets bundled for $10.00 – also Grace’s pastries bundled for $10.00.

Surprised to see Maryellen’s jukebox for 98.00 plus %20.00 off (about 78.00).


Caroline’s skiff … they’re not gone yet!!!  Also, Caroline’s blue party dress and purple (Holiday) dress.

Leave a comment if you have questions.  This is a quickie post but I wanted to publish in case you might have travel plans over spring break.






Pot o’ Gold

Irish NellieNellie is here to announce the winner of the 2014 Purchase-with-Purchase shorts… It’s not quite a pot o’ gold, but it will have to do!

The winner selected by Random.Org number generator and witnessed by Brianna is… Dolores!  Dolores, an email is coming your way to the address you used to comment with.

I hope everyone is having a great St.Patrick’s Day.  Slainte!

Grace St Patricks

Giveaway and Historicals at Outlet

My mom and I went to Oshkosh yesterday to visit my Grandma.  Even though Brianna wasn’t along today, we made a quick stop at the Outlet.  I can report that pre-BeForever Julie is there now, as well as BeForever Addy.  They are $80.00.

IMG_6870IMG_6871A number of Grace’s things were there… Suitcase, meet accessories, but no clothes.  I did pick up these cute shorts, which are sold separately from the shirt that went with them in a set that was originally a 2014 PWP.

Kit Purchase with Purchase ShortsThey were $3.00 and doll shorts are always needed! I picked up an extra pair because I’m in the mood for a blog giveaway.noexif_IMG_6875_private

If you would like to win these shorts, leave a comment below letting me know you would like to be entered.  If you are under 18 you need to state that you have a parent’s permission.  We will pick a winner using random number generator on St. Patrick’s Day.  Winner must live in the USA.

Luck o’ the Irish to ya!

Wilmot 2016 Warehouse Sale Dates Announced

IMG_6872I had heard rumors about the Wilmot Warehouse Sale happening in May… MAY!?  What happened to June once school is out??  Anyway, you can see above that the dates are Thursday, May 12- Saturday, May 14, 2016.

noexif_IMG_4659_privateIf you are new to the Wilmot Sale, it happens in Wilmot, Wisconsin (near Kenosha), at the Mattel Outlet Warehouse.  Historically there are no dolls there.  You will find AG clothes, accessories, Bitty outfits and accessories, books, and girls’ clothes.  Often there are a good amount of items from the last two Girl of the Year dolls (Isabelle, Grace for example). You do not need an advance ticket to enter the sale, but once you arrive you grab a number which determines when you can enter the sale – it can be hours later.

noexif_IMG_4667_privateThe sale is no place for small children, or your average husband!  It is also a Port o Potty situation so plan ahead with hand wipes and sanitizer!  Check out can be very long because there are folks who sell on eBay and buy thousands of dollars of items at a time.  Credit cards are accepted, but it can be wonky and take a while to process… adding to the wait.

noexif_IMG_4663_privateAre we going this year?  Not sure.  Brianna would say “YES!”  We wouldn’t be able to go until the Saturday date due to school, and I am not sure if it is worth it to go on the last day when we also have access to the Outlet store in Oshkosh.

Speaking of the Outlet store, stay tuned for a blog giveaway!

If you have questions, I am happy to help.




Just in Time!

A winter storm warning loomed.  The girls were looking for their boots and mittens for school tomorrow when the doorbell rang.  Ding-dong!

Maryellen went to the door and saw the UPS man hurrying back to his truck.  A big box sat on the porch.  “Help!” called Maryellen. “I think it might be Nellie!”

The girls opened the box carefully and found…

Nellie Doll Hospital

Nellie was back!

“Hi everyone!  I don’t need a wheelchair anymore!” exclaimed Nellie.  “Look!  I have a certificate of good health.”

Doll Hospital


“Nellie!  We are so glad to see you.  If you hadn’t arrived today, you would have been sitting on the porch in the snow tomorrow,” said Maryellen.  “You have great timing, cousin!”


“How long can you stay?  Josefina is going to want to hear all about your trip!”

“Well, doctor’s orders say I need to rest for a week…and then I need to travel home to get things ready for when my family comes home for Easter,” said Nellie.


“You came to the right place!  We would love to pamper you while you recover from leg surgery.  By the time you have to go home, maybe spring will be here,” said Maryellen encouragingly.  She took Maryellen to get out of her hospital gown.  “Wait till Josefina comes home and sees you!”