Just in Time!

A winter storm warning loomed.  The girls were looking for their boots and mittens for school tomorrow when the doorbell rang.  Ding-dong!

Maryellen went to the door and saw the UPS man hurrying back to his truck.  A big box sat on the porch.  “Help!” called Maryellen. “I think it might be Nellie!”

The girls opened the box carefully and found…

Nellie Doll Hospital

Nellie was back!

“Hi everyone!  I don’t need a wheelchair anymore!” exclaimed Nellie.  “Look!  I have a certificate of good health.”

Doll Hospital


“Nellie!  We are so glad to see you.  If you hadn’t arrived today, you would have been sitting on the porch in the snow tomorrow,” said Maryellen.  “You have great timing, cousin!”


“How long can you stay?  Josefina is going to want to hear all about your trip!”

“Well, doctor’s orders say I need to rest for a week…and then I need to travel home to get things ready for when my family comes home for Easter,” said Nellie.


“You came to the right place!  We would love to pamper you while you recover from leg surgery.  By the time you have to go home, maybe spring will be here,” said Maryellen encouragingly.  She took Maryellen to get out of her hospital gown.  “Wait till Josefina comes home and sees you!”


18 thoughts on “Just in Time!

      1. Abby

        My kit has super loose legs
        How did AG tell you it was their fault and how do u know?
        Is there anything that makes it their fault that I would know before I sent her? She’s a PC kit.


      2. Jen Post author

        It was a total surprise to me that they covered the repair on Nellie. We had Josefina’s (PC) shoulder tightened in 2014, and we paid for it. This time I sent our neighbor’s Nellie (PC) as a surprise… enclosed credit card info and fully expected to pay. They emailed me saying it was covered. Both dolls were in terrific condition. I guess you could call and ask when they cover it and when they do not? Keep me posted.


    1. Jen Post author

      Heather @ DollightfulDolls had the same experience about a month before me. The intake form indicates a charge, but perhaps a change in policy??


  1. jackylina

    Yay! I’m so glad they did the same to you as they did with my cousin’s Kit! I’m still pleasantly baffled by it though, because my dolls limbs get loose because I play with them so much. I wouldn’t think that would be a defect/responsibility on AGs part. But hey! I’m happy.


    1. Jen Post author

      Pleasantly baffled, exactly!
      Lately with AG, you can never tell what they will do next. I’m glad they were able to provide this complementary service for a doll that was obviously well cared for. I go back to the last time we were at the service desk in Chicago and Brianna saying, “did you see that Molly???” I said, “THAT was Molly????!”

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Xyra & Melody

    Yay! So glad to hear Nellie is home, well, back and recovering nicely.

    So did you notice any differences in her? Is she the same doll you sent away (just cleaner and tighter)?


    1. Jen Post author

      She is the same.. With her Pleasant Co head and long strings. The “Doctor” tied her strings in a bow at the back of her head and I have adopted this with my other long-stringed girls. Brianna sometimes gets the strings all stuck in between the Velcro.


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