Bountiful Beds-Oshkosh Outlet

Brianna and I visited family today as is our tradition on Good Friday.  My Grandma is recovering from a hospitalization so we have been in Oshkosh more than usual lately.  Yes, we stopped at the Outlet, and it was quite interesting today!

The story of the day — bountiful beds.

Addy’s bed was $35.00… yes the same bed I got for Christmas, alas.

Josefina’s bed was similarly priced (it was the older green bed, not the current ivory one).  Kit’s bed was also there but it was more expensive.

Brianna chose the bed below, $ 45.00.


Julie’s egg chair, $ 80., and disco accessories, $20.

IMG_6906IMG_6904Bitty African American doll, $ 42.00.  Julie and Addy, still there.


The story of the day, aside from the beds, was Grace items.

Grace’s baking outfit, sightseeing outfit, LOVE (City) outfit, pajamas.  Most from 18.00 and up.

IMG_6910There were also a few of Grace’s bakery refrigerators, $10.00.  We got that!  The display alluded to other appliances having been available at one time as well.

IMG_6909Grace’s earrings, $ 8.00, Grace’s rolling pin, pastry bag, and baking sheets bundled for $10.00 – also Grace’s pastries bundled for $10.00.

Surprised to see Maryellen’s jukebox for 98.00 plus %20.00 off (about 78.00).


Caroline’s skiff … they’re not gone yet!!!  Also, Caroline’s blue party dress and purple (Holiday) dress.

Leave a comment if you have questions.  This is a quickie post but I wanted to publish in case you might have travel plans over spring break.






16 thoughts on “Bountiful Beds-Oshkosh Outlet

  1. Flo

    Crazy good deals! I just don’t understand sometimes why they yank stuff from the website as “sold out” and then it shows up at the outlet stores. Makes NO sense.


    1. Jen Post author

      The refrigerator and Grace’s food items were labeled “replacement” parts. Whether they are, who knows. When we were at the Madison doll sale, that’s where we saw people with huge bins of replacement pieces. It makes not much sense when they could be selling on their site and making money off shipping too.


      1. Flo

        Yes, I think they should start an Ebay site if nothing else. Give everyone a fair chance instead of all of these people who buy this stuff cheap and sell it for ridiculous prices.


  2. jackylina

    Grace’s bakery sets sound awesome. I’m so happy I bought Grace’s bakery accessories when they went on sale last year. My dolls have used it so much.
    That’s really cool you could by the oven and refrigerator without having to buy the whole bakery. I wish they would do that all the time. I’d love to buy just the food from certain big sets.


  3. akb923

    is this in all stores? or just where the main store is? i’ll be goin’ if it’s in all of them(: and that’s great that y’all scored all of those items for such a great price!


    1. Jen Post author

      Not yet, they sell items that are retired or overstocked. Why Maryellen’s jukebox was already there, I don’t know. Not selling?
      There are Grace and Isabelle things there.



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