American Girl Names New President

Mattel recently moved its American Girl President Jean McKenzie over to the Fisher-Price line.  Meet our new leader, Katy Dickson

Thoughts?  A little concerned that she most recently has been working in coupon marketing and has many years with General Mills, which is not a “luxury” brand.  As many of us have discussed, AG seems unsure whether it is a luxury/heirloom brand or whether it is a discounted toy brand available in many settings, like Barbie or My Little Pony.

You might also find interest in the sidebar story “American Girl Cuts 19 Jobs in Middleton.”  The article does not mention the personal shopper positions that were also eliminated.

4 thoughts on “American Girl Names New President

  1. agteen

    I just hope she makes this game cheaper, cuts back on pink, makes diverse girls of the year, and has a girl of the year with glasses, then one with a disability


  2. Flo

    Both very interesting articles. At this point the drop in sales doesn’t scare me, but if it continues it could be a problem. I look at it more as an “adjustment” to what normal sales should be, kind of like what happened with Microsoft stock several years ago. I am hopeful that the competition they are facing will perhaps make them rethink their pricing strategies though. I think some of their controversial decisions in recent years has probably lost them some customers as well. And unfortunately, like with so many things, trends change and what was hot 6 months ago can quickly become stale. They just need to figure out the best way to stay relevant as times change.


  3. jackylina

    Personally, I’ve only had one problem when I shopped online on the AG website but I’ve hears so many stories about how terrible many people’s online shopping experiences were I really hope one of the first things this new president does is to fix their website.


  4. Maria S.

    Part of me is concerned considering she knows nothing about toys or dolls or anything. She better respect the plethora of people below her who DO know this stuff. The other part of me hopes she lowers prices and does some of the risky things like a black goty the previous one was too scared to do.



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